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Next-Generation App Development and Migration

Oracle Cloud infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is faster and more predictable than competing clouds—and has simpler pricing.

Oracle for SMBs

Infrastructure as a Service

New Feature
New Feature
New Feature

Compute Power

With Oracle IaaS, you can run, migrate, and scale your most demanding and mission-critical workloads on our highly available infrastructure.

In the Spotlight

Check out the latest Oracle Cloud IaaS assets focused on compute.

New and Notable

  • Multiple compute options
  • Consistent performance for demanding and less-intensive apps
  • Elastic, on-demand compute
  • Security and control

Extend IT

Make the most of your IT infrastructure with connectivity across your physical and virtual network for consistent performance and availability.

New and Notable

  • Service quality with performance optimization and isolation
  • Mission-critical and high-performance support for apps
  • Flexibility to customize your network
  • Secure hybrid cloud you define

Durable Storage

Protect and serve your mission-critical data with highly durable cloud storage, paying only for what you consume.

New and notable

  • Performance that meets and exceeds demands
  • Flexibility to store multiple content types
  • Security for integrated protection
  • On-demand storage that scales
Maritime Fitness App Ties Health to Bottom Line
Maritime Fitness App Ties Health to Bottom Line

ZS Wellness provides fitness monitoring software, personal training and nutrition counseling to help maritime workers deal with the physical and mental stresses of work at sea.

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