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Diversity and inclusion power innovation at Oracle. Diverse perspectives make our ideas better and our teams stronger. It’s why we’ve created a workplace where everyone can do their best work without barriers. When everyone is heard and valued, we’re inspired to go beyond what’s been done before.

Leaders champion the way forward

"We are on a big journey. This is an amazing time to be part of Oracle, and I want everyone to be involved and feel a sense of belonging. Diversity and Inclusion is not only a personal mission of mine, but it is a business imperative.”

Safra Catz, Oracle CEO

Employee spotlight

Team Oracle is for everyone



“I am proud that we shine the light on neurodiversity every day of the year.”

As the father of an autistic child and a leader at Oracle, Elio understands how important it is to create an inclusive work environment. That's why, together with his colleagues, he founded the Oracle Neurodiversity Network - an employee led network that raises awareness, promotes inclusion, and creates groups to support neurodiversity.

Elio shares, “We have developed learning paths for our employees and hosted amazing external guest speakers who offered useful insight. I am proud that via the Oracle Neurodiversity Network, we shine the light on neurodiversity every day of the year.”



“Along with our technical skills, women bring much needed emotional intelligence to the workplace.”

Sneha appreciates the unique environment here that gives engineers free reign to innovate, and gives her insider’s perspective on what women in tech can get out of their careers at Oracle. “The work culture is very open, dynamic, and flexible,” Sneha describes. “It gives us enough time to figure out our priorities and get the work done. There’s plenty of room for growth and learning which I’m really coming to appreciate.”

“There are no bars too high to achieve. You can have pride in your career here. On top of that, I must say we have fantastic work-life balance.”



"I find inspiration encouraging others who are going through a rough time."

As a child Mari represented Japan in the Junior Olympics for swimming, but her life took a sudden turn when she suffered a cerebral infarction in her sleep, leaving her left arm and leg disabled. With this setback, Mari had to rethink how she would live the rest of her life.

That’s when she found her love of fly-fishing and sailing. A long period of intensive practice and preparation led Mari to the incredible achievement of winning the Silver Medal with the National Paralympic Sailing team as well as the Global Fly Fishing Championship in the female category. “When I was competing, I would close my eyes and visualize my friends and family’s reaction to me winning a medal—that gave me strength to keep going.

Mari now uses her experiences to inspire others in challenging situations. As an Oracle Development Consultant, she helps employees with mental training, finding strength, positive psychology, and resilience.



"Providing a positive, inclusive environment is critical for the future of work."

Asad is proud to work for a company that contributes to society. For him, Oracle’s positive action is two-fold: 1) Our technology solutions are solving critical real-world problems, and 2) We’re advancing important social issues for the LGBTQ+ community.

This year marked a big turning point for the LGBTQ+ community in Oracle India: After two years of hard work and dedication, they officially started their first chapter of the Oracle Pride Employee Network. Read about the journey and how pride runs through Asad’s career at Oracle.



"Having equal opportunity to speak and be heard is what makes strong teams"

When it comes to managing his team, implementation manager Antonio Benitez, has one clear non-negotiable—equal opportunity for all. He makes an active effort to help each employee reach their full potential and shares why it’s so important to hear every voice in the team, and encourage an atmosphere of free expression.

He says, “Communication is an important aspect, having an equal opportunity to speak and be heard is what makes up strong teams. Allowing them to express their thoughts and ideas, leads in turn, to brilliant ideas.”

Our commitment to inclusive hiring

We believe in treating each employee and applicant for employment fairly and with dignity. We base our employment decisions on merit, experience, and potential, without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, religion, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic prohibited by federal, state, or local law.

Equal Opportunities Policy

Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy is founded on the philosophy that our employees and applicants for employment must be treated equitably. We do not discriminate based on personal preference or physical characteristics, and our experience confirms that supporting policies and practices with a strong commitment to equal employment opportunity is a good business practice. Our commitment to this policy applies to every phase of the employment relationship, and we make every effort to comply with this policy.

If you feel you have not been treated fairly in some way, we encourage you to contact Oracle Human Resources or to call Oracle's Integrity Helpline (800-679-7417) for assistance. The company takes such matters very seriously and reporting your claims internally allows us to work with you to investigate and try to resolve your issues.

We seek to build an inclusive workforce and work environment. We make every effort to attract, invest in, and develop the talents of diverse people who reflect the society and community in which we live. We welcome and support people of all races, ethnicities, cultures, and religions and seek to foster teamwork and effective partnerships among our employees. Oracle provides equitable treatment and reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities in accordance with individual needs, business realities, and federal and state laws. These accommodations may include job retraining, an adjusted work schedule, special equipment or transportation, medical leave, or job modification to optimize your performance.


A place you’ll love to work


We’re proud to be a company that makes diversity and inclusion a priority. We listen closely to what you have to say—and we think that’s what makes us an employer of choice.


We work together to make diversity and inclusion a reality

American Indian Science and Engineering Society

Through scholarships and career development programs, AISES is increasing the representation of indigenous North American people in STEM.


The largest non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals in North America. Ascend’s mission is to enhance the influence and reach of pan-Asian business leaders.

Black Data Processing Associates

An international nonprofit that enables the upward mobility of African-Americans and other minorities in IT and STEM fields.

Disability Matters

A global expert on effectively recruiting and supporting individuals with disabilities in the workplace as well as marketing to the disability community in the consumer space.

Grace Hopper

A nonprofit that connects, inspires, and guides women in computing and the organizations that view technology innovation as a strategic imperative.

Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities

HACU is the only educational association that represents Hispanic-Serving Institutions in America. It helps thousands of young Hispanics with education and career development programs.

Hispanic Information Technology Executive Council

A premier Hispanic network for technology professionals—this organization focuses on building strong leaders, corporations, and role models for the digital age.

Human Rights Campaign

The biggest national lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer civil rights organization. HRC works towards a world where LGBTQ people can be themselves and be safe.

Information Technology Senior Management Forum

ITSMF increases the representation of black professionals at senior levels by promoting career development and networking opportunities within the IT profession.

Lighthouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired

A charity that promotes the independence and equality of visually impaired people through blindness skills training and greater access to opportunities.

National Federation of the Blind

This oldest and largest nationwide organization of blind Americans provides resources to the visually impaired and removes barriers in the way of opportunity.

National Society of Black Engineers

One of the largest student-governed organizations in the US, NSBE’s mission is to increase the number of black engineers who excel academically, professionally, and in the community.

Out & Equal Workplace Advocates

A premier nonprofit dedicated to achieving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer workplace equality and building inclusive work environments.

The Society of Women Engineers

SWE empowers women to succeed and advance in the field of engineering, and to be recognized for their contributions as engineers and leaders.

United Negro College Fund

America’s largest and most effective minority education organization, UNCF invests resources in better futures for its students and, through their success, for all of us.


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