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Oracle Database 19c

Oracle Database 19c offers market-leading performance, scalability, reliability, and security both on-premises and in the cloud. And since it’s the Long Term Release of the Oracle Database 12c and 18c family of products, it provides the highest level of release stability and longest time frame for support and bug fixes.

Download Oracle Database 19c

Get the best performance for your most demanding analytical and operational workloads.

Webcast: The New Self-Service Data Warehouse

Discover how Oracle Departmental Data Warehouse can deliver the deep, data-driven insights you need to make quick decisions.

Reduce IT complexity with a converged database

Mixed workloads with one database

Free application developers from complex transformations and redundant data with a single-purpose database.

Watch the video (2:49)
Mixed workloads with one database

Increase database security

Secure all of your data and avoid the fragmentation and risk common with single-purpose databases.

Oracle ranked a security leader (PDF)
Increase database security

Simplify database management

Easily manage, tune, and back up your data to ensure the best overall performance and availability.

Technical brief: How to Make Developers and Data More Productive (PDF)
Simplify database management

Database services, solutions, and features

Utilize data warehousing on premises or in the cloud

Advanced data warehousing and analytics technologies, such as Oracle Database In-Memory and Oracle Multitenant, enable analytics teams to complete more in-depth analyses of scalable data warehouses in less time. Customers develop deeper, data-driven insights using Oracle Database technologies on-premises or in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Comprehensive, scalable app development

Developers can quickly create scalable, high-performance applications using SQL, JSON, XML, and a range of procedural languages. Oracle Database 19c offers a range of built-in development tools, such as APEX, and converged database capabilities.

Comprehensive, high availability capabilities

Oracle Database 19c includes built-in capabilities and options, including Oracle Active Data Guard and Oracle Real Application Clusters, that enable efficient, scaling and consolidation of customer databases. IT teams use the same capabilities on-premises and in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to run protect crucial customer databases and maximize their availability.

Faster, better data-driven decisions

Oracle Database accelerates machine learning (ML) with powerful algorithms that run inside the database so customers can build and run ML models without having to move or reformat data. Data scientists leverage Python, R, SQL, and other tools to integrate ML capabilities into database applications and deliver analytics results in easy-to-use dashboards.

Integrated, enterprise-wide Oracle Database management

Increase enterprise-wide database performance and availability with consistent management processes via a single-pane-of-glass management dashboard. DBAs reduce their workloads by consolidating the monitoring and management of databases running on premises, in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, and in third-party clouds with Oracle database management solutions.

Optimized database performance throughout the enterprise

Meet stringent performance requirements in real-time environments and data center deployments, with a range of capabilities designed for optimized low-latency and high-throughput.

Protect crucial data

Oracle’s database security solutions reduce the risk of data breaches and make it easier for customers to meet compliance requirements. Encryption, data masking, privileged user access controls, activity monitoring, and auditing enable IT teams to strongly secure Oracle Database environments and understand potential vulnerabilities.

Agile, flexible, and secure database management

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s suite of optimized database capabilities enable customers to operate efficiently and at low cost, by closely aligning resources to their specific needs. Companies implement digital transformation with a combination of fully-managed Autonomous Database capabilities, the performance and control of Exadata Cloud services, and the low cost of Oracle Database, MySQL database, and NoSQL database cloud services.

Other database products

Oracle’s wide range of industry-leading data management solutions make it easier for customers to meet diverse on premises and cloud requirements. Enterprises of all sizes innovate with the world’s most advanced database, the most popular open source database, and high-performance in-memory and NoSQL solutions.

Upgrade and/or migrate your database today

Upgrade to the latest Oracle Database technology to benefit from market-leading performance, availability, and security. Migrate your database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to combine low cost with high performance.

Choose the deployment option that works best for you

Oracle Database at your location

Run Oracle Database at your own location on your own hardware. Or, use Oracle Exadata in your data center for best performance, flexibility, and robustness.

Oracle Cloud technology at your location

The best platform for Oracle Database, delivered securely behind your firewall and managed by Oracle.

Oracle Database on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Benefit from the computing power, physical storage, and tooling that simplify routine database management operations as well as Oracle’s highest-performance engineered system, designed specifically for running enterprise-scale cloud databases.

Oracle Autonomous Database

Run analytics in seconds, to deploy or move existing data marts, data lakes, and data warehouses to the cloud. Build high-performance, mission-critical databases and run mixed workloads with millions of transactions per second.

Database customer successes

See how customers are using Oracle Database to transform their business and engage their customers in new and better ways.

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Paysafe identifies fraud and minimizes risk with Oracle’s graph analytics and database solutions

May 11, 2020

Many Single-Purpose Databases versus a Converged Database

Maria Colgan, Distinguished Product Manager, Oracle

There is an ongoing debate in our community about the best approach for developing cloud native or data-driven apps. On one side, you have folks who say you should use a single-purpose, best-of-breed database for each data type or workload. On the other side, you’re advised to use a single, converged database. So, which approach is right for you and your projects?

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