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Oracle Application Express (APEX)

Empower citizen and professional developers to focus on solving business problems rather than worrying about the underlying platform. Oracle APEX uses low-code development to let you build data-driven apps quickly without having to learn complex web technologies.

APEX features

Powerful data visualization options

Faceted Search

Empower users to see data in new ways, and discover new insights, with just a few clicks. Faceted Search enables you to quickly search and filter data.

Interactive report

Create custom reports easily. With the interactive report component, users can effortlessly customize the data they see in a way that uniquely satisfies their needs.

Charting capabilities

Powerful chart and visualization capabilities are fully HTML5 capable and work on any modern browser. Oracle JET provides a modular, open source toolkit for developers.

Convert spreadsheets to web apps

From a spreadsheet to web app in minutes

Transform your spreadsheet into a fully functioning app with a report and form for maintaining the data. Using the wizard, it just takes a few clicks.

Data integrity and accuracy

Unlike spreadsheets, you can log into APEX to access a single, centralized app where everyone maintains the data, and everyone always sees the same data.

Advanced security

Choose how you protect your apps. Select from SSO, LDAP, or social login. APEX apps can readily incorporate security and audit tracking.

Prebuilt, productivity apps

Ready-to-use apps

APEX includes fully functional and ready-to-use components, designed to meet practically any type of business requirement.

Extendable apps

Keep up with change. Prebuilt APEX apps can be extended and further customized to meet your individual needs.

Fully supported

Your productivity apps are fully supported by Oracle, as long as the app remains locked and not customized.

Local and remote REST access

Consume web services

Easily access data from web services from a variety of REST endpoints.

SQL on remote databases

Oracle REST Data Services enable you to access data and execute SQL on remote Oracle Databases over HTTP and REST.


Quickly build web services against your Oracle Database objects.

Globalization and localization

Designed for globalization

Develop applications in multiple languages and locales. Oracle APEX supports translating apps as well as localization.


APEX allows translation of running applications into multiple languages without having to duplicate the application logic.


Easily format and display content in the application based on where the end user is located.

Outsourcing-Business-Services logo

Outsourcing Business Service

Outsourcing Business Service supports its mission of providing an optimal work-life balance for employees with disabilities using Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, APEX, and analytics for a single, easy-to-use, automated environment.

Oracle APEX use cases

  • Productivity apps

    Build data-driven apps quickly with minimal to no coding. Use prebuilt productivity apps that are included in the app gallery.

    Read the use case

  • Spreadsheet replacement

    Transform your spreadsheets into fully functioning apps with auto-generated reports and forms for data entry.

    Read the use case

  • Rapid application development using REST

    Oracle REST Data Services allows developers to readily expose and/or consume RESTful Web Services by defining REST end points.

    Read the use case

  • Oracle Forms modernization

    Upgrade and modernize your existing Oracle Forms apps with a platform that is PL/SQL-based and also provides declarative development.

    Read the use case

APEX use cases
July 20, 2020

Announcing the Availability of APEX 20.1 on Oracle Autonomous Database

Manish Kapur, Director, Oracle Cloud Platform

We are pleased to announce that Oracle APEX 20.1 is now available on Oracle Autonomous Database. Oracle Application Express (APEX) is a low-code application development platform which is included with every Oracle Database and is also provided with every Oracle Database Cloud Service, including Oracle Autonomous Database and the Oracle Cloud Free Tier.

Read the full post

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