AI Solution

Build Smarter Knowledge Management Systems with AI Technology


Knowledge management systems are critical for today’s information-based workers, providing frontline insight and guidance when questions arise. However, building one can be daunting, and using them can cause frustration if questions are misunderstood when queries don’t match the database entries. Generative AI can help, and in this example we’ll use Java and vector database capabilities to create a system that’s more user-friendly. If users find the system more conversational and accessible, they’ll use it more often—that’s our goal!

Now, Java developers can harness the capabilities of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Generative AI to build better knowledge management systems.

This demo will guide you through the process of leveraging Java, Spring Boot, and the innovative Spring AI APIs to create next-generation applications.

  • Build a Spring Boot application with retrieval-augmented generation: Discover how to leverage Spring AI to implement a knowledge management system that retrieves relevant information and uses large language models to generate insightful responses.
  • Integrate domain knowledge from Oracle Database 23ai: Learn how to connect a Spring Boot application with AI Vector Search in Oracle Database 23ai to access and use domain-specific knowledge for more accurate and relevant responses.
  • Transition to production with an Oracle back-end platform: Address the challenges of moving your knowledge management system from development to production using Oracle Backend for Spring Boot and Microservices.


Demo: Build Smarter Knowledge Management Systems with AI Technology (1:26)

Prerequisites and setup

  1. Oracle Cloud account—sign-up page
  2. Oracle Database 23ai—sign-up page
  3. OCI compute instance—documentation
  4. Spring AI—documentation