Unified Assurance—a Modern and Automated Service Assurance Solution

Deploy an end-to-end service assurance solution with automated root cause analysis using event correlation, machine learning (ML), and topology. Oracle Unified Assurance can be deployed as an overlay platform to unify monitoring across existing assurance tools or as a standalone assurance solution. Integrate the solution into multivendor networks and management systems, or deploy it in a hybrid mode.

Unified Assurance features and benefits

Oracle’s Unified Assurance solution is helping customers automate assurance and implement assisted and full closed-loop automation.

Guaranteed network and service quality

Provide dynamic, end-to-end assurance for 5G solutions at scale while ensuring optimal quality of service and customer experience with machine learning (ML) analytics.

End-to-end federated assurance

Automate operations with end-to-end network and service assurance by federating across existing tools. Leverage existing investments with a roadmap to rationalize the tools and build the basis for autonomous operations.

Automated root cause analysis

Reduce mean time to detect and mean time to repair using live topology, advanced correlation, and ML-based event analytics. Empower operations and engineering with real-time performance reports and an automated issue detection engine.

Superior network customer experience

Guarantee network and service quality for consumers and enterprises. Improve customer satisfaction, net promoter score metrics, and overall brand image while complying with contracted SLAs to avoid penalties and reduce churn.

Machine learning and event analytics

Gather, aggregate, and curate large amounts of event data to drive analytics and train ML algorithms. Operationalize complex networks and services using ML-based anomaly detection without augmenting operations staff.

Closed-loop automation and hyperscale networking architecture

Monitor and assure service performance across a multivendor network to troubleshoot potential network disruptions. Increase agility in event response or when introducing new services.

Closed-loop automation enablement

Monitor service, network, and infrastructure resources based on intent and the contracted performance SLAs. Trigger policy-based assisted and automated configuration changes through a service and/or network orchestrator.

NOC to SOC evolution enablement

Troubleshoot potential network disruptions by prioritizing issues that impact service quality and experience. Correlate service quality insights about performance, topology, and inventory to quickly identify issues impacting service quality.

Rapid time to market

Increase agility when introducing new services with monitoring and assurance that reduces time to market to days or weeks, instead of the six months or longer needed with legacy IT and OSS tools.

Vendor-agnostic assurance

Deploy an independent assurance solution that provides a vendor-agnostic view of the network. Monitor and assure service performance across a multivendor network.

Streamlined operations

Ease the move to 5G with standardized and simplified unified assurance that ensures operations consolidation and the frictionless retirement of legacy systems.

Standardization and simplification

Tackle tool sprawl and simplify processes by standardizing on Unified Assurance. Increase employee efficiency by avoiding training them on tools from multiple vendors, and reduce costs associated with license, maintenance, integration, and upgrade fees.

Legacy tools retirement

Modernize and future-proof operations by replacing multiple legacy tools with a single, unified assurance solution. Reduce operating costs, and bring new services to market faster.

OpEx reduction

Avoid manual operations and reduce truck rolls with an automated correlation and unified operations view of cross-domain networks and service performance. Automatically create tickets for issues that need manual intervention.

Network Operation Centers (NOCs) consolidation

Reduce the number of NOCs by consolidating tools and simplifying the network management and operations environment. Increase customer service quality, improve operational efficiency, and reduce costs.

Unified Assurance components

01Oracle Communications Unified Assurance

An end-to-end assurance solution providing automated root cause analysis using topology, event correlation, and ML-based analytics. Deploy the solution as an umbrella platform over existing tools, as a standalone platform with integrations into multivendor networks and EMS/NMS, or in a hybrid mode.

Read the Unified Assurance datasheet (PDF)

Read the Unified Assurance Flow Analytics datasheet (PDF)

02Oracle Communications Unified Topology

An integrated auto discovery and topology mapping solution that gives customers a dynamic view of their networks. Working seamlessly with Oracle Unified Assurance, it significantly increases the granularity and efficacy of root cause analysis and reduces mean time to resolution.

Read the Unified Topology datasheet (PDF)

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