How quickly can your company spin up a new business model?

Embrace new business model innovations

Unlock growth and profitability

Discover the power of embracing new business model innovations. Companies that invest in innovative approaches report above-average growth rates, even in volatile times. Learn how Oracle's unified platform can help you launch new ventures, improve customer relationships, and drive profitability.

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  • Effectively plan and report on ESG initiatives

    Explore how Oracle Cloud EPM can help you collect, convert, standardise, and aggregate data for a complete, consistent view of your ESG programs.

  • Accelerate an automated, connected financial close

    Discover how to streamline your financial close with Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP for faster, more accurate reporting and improved efficiency.

  • Create insights and gain agility with AI-powered analytics

    Redefine your business with AI-driven insights and learn more about the importance of cross-departmental analytics with this guide.

  • Adopt continuous, predictive cash forecasting

    Automate cash management and forecasting in real time. See how Oracle Cloud ERP empowers your business by continuously predicting future liquidity.