Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service helps corporate banking clients gain capital clarity. This state-of-the-art cloud service empowers banks to offer future-proof virtual account management solutions, enabling corporate customers to effectively manage complex global account structures and control working capital.

Get comprehensive support to enhance virtual account management.

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Enable corporates to manage and optimize complex global account structures, control capital, centralize cash, and automate reconciliation with a cloud-ready virtual account management solution.

Continuous feature enhancements

Continuous feature enhancements with scheduled upgrades help banks keep up with market requirements while automatic provisioning ensures they can provide innovative client offerings.

The latest technology

Stay up to date and maintain the best possible configuration with a technology stack that offers continuous innovation and periodic upgrades.

The latest compliance standards

Stay compliant with the latest standards. All future versions of virtual account management solutions will be checked for compliance with current standards and upgraded if necessary.

Centralized control

Centralize the management of payables and receivables with support for payments-on-behalf-of and collections-on-behalf-of structures.

Efficient liquidity management

Manage liquidity efficiently with support for multientity hierarchical virtual account structures.

Seamless reconciliation

Offer seamless reconciliation by making it easy to segregate the inflow and outflow of funds.


Virtual Account Management Cloud is deployed on multiple availability domains to ensure you have redundancy when you need it. The solution optimizes resources based on several factors, providing better reliability, visibility, and control.

Minimal failures

Continuous regeneration ensures optimal service levels and minimizes the number of failures.

No service failure

Virtual Account Management Cloud automatically monitors the environment, providing insights that help prevent failure of service—whether manual or rule-based.

Disaster recovery

Virtual Account Management Cloud supports cross-region disaster recovery.

Payment flexibility

Give corporates the flexibility to set up rules for payment routing.

Automated receivables processing

Automate receivables processing and minimize accounts.

Why choose Oracle’s virtual account management solution?

Reap greater value from Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management in the cloud.

01Enhance revenue

Increase revenue by retaining existing customers and attracting new ones.

02Reduce customer screening costs

Reduce the cost of Know Your Customer procedures and account maintenance activities.

03Increase operational efficiency

Minimize the administrative effort needed to manage virtual accounts.

04Drive customer centricity

Enable superior client service with complete visibility and control over customers’ usage and needs.

Virtual account management resources

Brochure: Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service

Oracle Banking Virtual Account Management Cloud Service empowers banks to offer a comprehensive virtual accounts solution that easily scales to meet client needs.

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Decoding the buzz: the evolution of virtual accounts

With the increasing need for efficiency and clarity around working capital, banks are starting to turn their attention to virtual account management.

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