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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Data Integration

Easily extract, transform, and load (ETL) data for data science and analytics. Design code-free data flows into data lakes and data marts. Part of Oracle’s comprehensive portfolio of integration solutions.

Get an overview of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration

Discover more about OCI Data Integration.

Integrating and Preparing Data for Data Science

Watch the Oracle Developer Live Event and see how to utilize Data Integration and Data Flow to optimize how data used.

OCI Data Integration product features

No-code data flow design

Simplify ETL/ELT processes

Intuitive user interface helps you configure integration parameters and automate data mapping between sources and targets.

Powerful transformations

Use one of the out-of-the-box operators, such as a join, aggregate, or expression to shape your data.

Flexible data integration

Maintain your processes centrally and use parameters to override specific configuration values at runtime.

Data-immersive experience

Visually preview data

Users can interactively prepare their data and view transformation results to validate their processes.

Modify integrations

Boost productivity and fine-tune data flows on the fly, without waiting for an execution to complete.

Automated schema drift protection

Rule-based integration flow

Avoid broken integration flows and reduce maintenance complexities when data schemas evolve.

Pattern-based data mapping

Leverage best practices to map data instead of matching by data fields.

Hybrid data execution

Spark ETL

Elastically scale by parallel processing large data volumes.

E-LT processing

SQL push-down execution to leverage native database capabilities.

Built-in optimizer

Generate the best executable code to move data using the most efficient systems resources that provide the best performance.

Optimized for Oracle Cloud

Consistent performance

Native integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for best-of-breed computing, networking, scalability, and security.


Leverage Oracle Cloud resources to build data lakes at scale and quickly spin-up the required resources for any new project.

SQL pushdown

Pushdown ELT leverages native database capabilities to process transactional data efficiently.

Pay As You Go pricing

Reduce your capital expenditure

Oracle’s Pay As You Go pricing minimizes the major initial investment usually needed for IT infrastructure, because you only pay for what you need.

Save energy and money

Streamlined data integration helps you eliminate redundant servers, reducing your utility costs.

Use cases for OCI Data Integration

  • Data integration for big data, data lakes, and data science

    Ingest data faster and more reliably into data lakes for data science and analytics. Create high-quality models more quickly.

  • Data integration for data marts and data warehousing

    Load and transform transactional data at scale. Create an organized view from large data volumes.

OCI Data Integration pricing

Unit Price
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration: Workspace

Workspace Usage Per Hour—UCM
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Data Integration

Gigabyte of Data Processed Per Hour—UCM
Pipeline Operator Execution for the Pipeline (orchestration) execution
Annual Flex/Pay As You Go: Priced at $0.30 per Hour. The first 30 hours of Execution Hour per tenant per month is free.

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