Oracle Tape Storage

Oracle Tape Storage
Oracle StorageTek Solutions

Oracle StorageTek solutions for enterprises and service providers extend data protection and long-term data retention from on premises to the cloud.

Low Cost, High Efficiency

Whether on premises or in the cloud, Oracle StorageTek solutions provide a low-cost, highly efficient infrastructure for enabling data protection and long term archiving for service providers and enterprises.

Oracle Tape Libraries

Tape Libraries

Highly scalable and highly available StorageTek tape libraries ensure data protection and access in the most demanding enterprise environments, including cloud storage, Oracle Applications, Microsoft Windows, mainframes, and high performance computing (HPC).

Oracle Tape Drives

Tape Drives

StorageTek enterprise class and midrange tape drives enable robust data protection, while providing energy efficiency and decreased footprint in the data center.

Oracle Tape Media

Tape Media

StorageTek data cartridges are highly durable and ensure the integrity of data for fast recovery from data loss or fast recalls from long term archives.

Mainframe Virtual Tape

Mainframe Virtual Tape

Oracle StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager (VSM) 7 automates and optimizes the storage and protection of mainframe data and natively tiers it to cloud storage. Only Oracle StorageTek VSM 7 seamlessly manages mainframe data between on-premise and the cloud.

Tape Software and Encryption

Tape Software and Encryption

StorageTek storage resource management, tape device software and robust solutions for data encryption and key management ensure simplicity and security across your tape infrastructure.

StorageTek Archive Solutions

StorageTek Archive Solutions

Oracle StorageTek solutions for archiving and data protection combine solution components from Oracle and participating third parties to solve industry-specific and cross-industry IT challenges. These reference architectures and implementation best practices help speed on premises, cloud, and hybrid deployments and accelerate time to productivity.


In the Spotlight

Cloud press release introducing Virtual Storage Manager 7

Press Release

Oracle Unveils First Data Protection Solution with Seamless Cloud Tiering

Oracle’s StorageTek Virtual Storage Manager 7 System Provides Mainframe and Heterogeneous Storage with a Fully Integrated Cloud Strategy.

Constellation Research video


Constellation Research
The Cloud Meets the Mainframe

Steve Zivanic, Oracle VP Converged Infrastructure, Storage, and Holger Mueller, Constellation Research VP and Principal Analyst, discuss Oracle’s VSM 7 and its role in bringing cloud storage to the mainframe environment.

Oracle StorageTek Tape


Introducing Tape
Making Storage Your Competitive Advantage

Tape isn't a dinosaur, nor is it dead -- it continues to evolve with higher capacity and ever-faster performance. Find out how to extend the understood benefits of tape, and innovate in ways that make tape more valuable than it’s ever been.

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