Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report

Oracle Corporate Citizenship Report
Good Citizenship
Is in Our DNA
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Leading by Example

For Oracle, corporate citizenship means being responsible not only to our shareholders, but also to our stakeholders—those affected by and with an interest in our activities—including employees, customers, partners, society, and the environment.

CEO Message

Oracle Builds a Home for Design Tech High School

Oracle is making history by building a home for a public school at its headquarters.

Design Tech High School

Two Decades of Commitment

We help students develop the technical acumen and creative confidence essential to innovation—because breakthroughs are built on the foundational idea that no matter the problem, a solution can be found.


Taking Action for a Healthy Planet

Oracle is a global leader in sustainability. We continuously invest in initiatives that help us run our business more sustainably and develop products and services that help our customers do the same.

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  • 29%

    of total electricity use

    in 2016 came from renewable sources

    71 29
  • 99.5%

    of material collected

    through our Take-Back and Recycling program was either recycled or reused in FY17

    Electronic Waste Recycling Metrics: FY17
    Recycled Reused Landfilled
    93.1 6.4 .5
  • 90%

    of Oracle’s suppliers

    have strong sustainability track records and certifications such as ISO 14001

    90 10

Protecting the Natural World

We support nonprofit organizations that work to protect our planet and the life it sustains.

Conserving the Natural World and Wildlife

Advancing Education

We help nonprofit organizations advance computer science education and ignite students’ passion for STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Investing in Education

Strengthening Communities

We fund nonprofit organizations that provide vital health and human services, aid people in need, and strengthen the infrastructure that supports a healthy society.

Building Stronger Communities

This Is Who We Are: Oracle Volunteers

Oracle Volunteers generously donate their time and talents to make a positive impact on communities around the world. Learn more about Oracle Volunteers and our global workforce.

Photo credits: Image in “Protecting the Natural World” panel courtesy of Beverly Joubert/National Geographic’s Big Cats Initiative. Image in “The Cornerstone of Our Philanthropy” panel courtesy of Black Girls Code.