Efficient and Accurate AML Investigations

Intuitive, enterprise-grade investigation and AML case management, powered by advanced analytics, uncover hidden criminal networks.


Discover Hidden, Complex Criminal Networks

Centralize case management

Centralize case management

Create a single resource for all financial crime investigations by consolidating events from across monitoring solutions onto one platform.

See a 360⁰ view of customers, transactions, and related events, parties and external data.

Automatically aggregate and enrich all internal and external information required for investigations.

Investigate intuitively

Investigate intuitively

Uncover hidden criminal patterns and relationships using intuitive graph visualizations and pattern recognition.

Harvest external data and enrich cases using robotic process automation before investigations start.

Use a risk-based approach to prioritize events through integrated event scoring.

Boost investigator productivity

Boost investigator productivity

Manage teams more efficiently with automated, configurable, channel-specific case assignment and workflows.

Enhance investigator efficiency with analytical insights and recommendations.

Respond rapidly to regulator and law enforcement requests with real-time, comprehensive, accurate investigation analyses.

AML Investigations Products

Achieve Visibility Across All Compliance Functions

Enables financial institutions to consolidate investigations for anti-money laundering, know your customer, fraud, and sanctions filtering on a single, enterprise platform.

  • External alert ingestion
  • Event correlation and network analysis
  • Configurable workflows
  • Audit and monitoring functions

Comprehensive and Contextualized Financial Crime Investigations

Discover criminal patterns hidden under complex layers of money-laundering networks.

  • Richer, more contextual data on cases and case focal entities
  • Immediately search full enterprise-financial-crime graph model for persons or entities of interest
  • No need to laboriously piece together siloed data
  • Search and compute a consolidated risk score for any focal entity and get a view of transactions, accounts, and related parties
  • Configurable fuzzy name matching and transliteration to find suspicious parties and obfuscated links with the data