Transforming utilities for a sustainable future

Combining Accenture's deep industry experience with Oracle Cloud technology empowers utility companies to accelerate their energy transition to net-zero carbon emissions. Discover how to integrate digital and sustainable solutions into your core business, using technology to create a more sustainable future.

Leap ahead with a “twin transformation”

Utilities that integrate digital and sustainable solutions into their core businesses will have performed the crucial twin transformation needed to lead the energy transition to net zero. Leverage Accenture and Oracle Energy and Water to create a customer-driven business, transition to a sustainable future, and transform into a modern, connected enterprise.

Create a customer-driven business

Apply a customer-driven approach and modernize the end user experience to improve engagement and achieve incremental value.

Transition to a sustainable future

Lead the acceleration toward net zero by leveraging emerging business value pools to generate new revenue and reduce costs.

Transform into a modern, connected enterprise

Gather the necessary technology capabilities and take advantage of new business models.

Leading the energy transition on Oracle Cloud

Climate change is forcing the hand of many enterprises, but utilities face particular challenges—and opportunities. The need to embrace digital transformation and sustainable operations is opening the door for utilities to become platforms for electrification beyond industry lines, putting them in the best position to deliver value to customers, employees, and shareholders.

Our joint solution brief explains how Accenture solutions built on Oracle Cloud empower utilities to reinvent service and drive long-term, sustainable change.

electricity utilities and solar panels

The future of customer experience in APAC for electricity utilities

Digital transformation is disrupting markets across the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, shaking up old business models and reshaping consumer expectations.

solar panels installation

Reshaping the future of utilities

For power generators, moving forward means embracing three environmental shifts—innovation, customer centricity, and energy consumers and producers.

man walking with a bike

Applying a customer-driven business approach

As utilities face pressure to upgrade intellectually and digitally, the heat is on to increase customer satisfaction and establish an integrated ecosystem.

man wearing hard hat

Unlocking the value of energy services

Utilities are at the heart of the energy transition—so providers have the unique opportunity to revolutionize their value chain from customer to grid

Energy transition video

Accenture and Oracle leading the energy transition

Combining Oracle Cloud technology for continuous solution innovation and Accenture’s deep technical skills, industry experience and functional business knowledge, we can help utilities clients transform how they do business in the world. Together, we can create a brighter, more sustainable future with positive impacts for our economy, society and the planet as a whole.

May 9, 2023

Reinventing utilities to lead the energy revolution

Laurence Bellenguez, Oracle BG, Industry Lead, Accenture | Mike Ballard, Vice President Industry Strategy

A seismic shift is sweeping the utilities industry. With the right technology and partners, utility companies can reinvent themselves, lead the charge of the energy revolution and sustainability, and overcome major challenges.

October 06, 2022

Accenture and Oracle lead the energy transition toward net zero

Sam Harrell, Senior Director, Global Industry Strategy

Two thought leaders share their expertise on how utilities can think differently about the future of energy and expand their ability to serve customers.

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