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Oracle Grants Management Cloud

Grant Control and Visibility

Designed for higher education, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, this grants management solution helps you gain absolute control and visibility into how funds are spent to support third-party-sponsored projects and programs.

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    Quickly visualize current awards management status, including spending and important action items.

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    Improve grant control by adding new third-party award funding by financial period and project.

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    Real-time, multidimensional reporting highlights awards management status and reports with related information for projects funded by grant activity.

Complete Post-Award Grants Management

Streamline awards management processes—from initial funding to close out—using an integrated and collaborative platform.

  • Manage multiple financial aspects of awards and sponsored projects
  • Comply with grant management requirements from sponsors as well as internal control, billing, and reporting policies
  • Gain visibility into current spending, funding, budget, commitment, and expenditures related to awards management rules
  • Connect to related conversations and documents from any device, anywhere

Focus on Strategic Initiatives

Boost grants management productivity. Spend less time on administrative details and paperwork—and more time on strategic tasks.

  • Stay on top of issues with role-specific, extensible work areas and watch lists
  • Get access to relevant awards management information about including costs, revenue, and invoices
  • Easily create awards with predefined templates or standard web services and open interfaces
  • Add funding for periods and sponsored projects using an interactive matrix

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