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Sales Force Automation

Oracle Sales Force Automation (SFA) is a sales automation application that collects and connects customer and operational data in a CRM to help sales professionals understand their customers and automate tasks throughout the sales process.

Oracle Sales Force Automation Product Tour
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On-demand webinar: Help sellers focus on the right actions

Learn how to transform your sales processes to help your sellers focus on the right actions at the right time to win revenue.

Does your CRM leave money on the table?

Read our latest report to see how sellers really feel about their CRM and what can be done to improve their situations.

Sales Force Automation capabilities

Sales intelligence backed by AI

Help sellers sell more with strategically deployed, personalized guidance and holistic sales intelligence. Embedded AI increases CRM adoption, improves data integrity, and helps reps sell faster, smarter, and with the right focus.

Automated data foundation

Relieve reps of the responsibility of creating the quality data required to support smarter selling. Automatic address, email, and phone verification, plus proactive data deduplication ensures sellers always have the best customer-related data in their CRM.

Impactful sales guidance

Keep sellers focused on the most valuable leads, opportunities, and accounts by providing them insights, intelligent scoring, prioritization, and recommended actions for engagement. Help sellers accelerate deals with contact mapping and uncover new revenue opportunities with similar account recommendations. Remove the burden of data entry and record keeping while automating key tasks and follow-ups to keep sellers on track.

Simplified machine learning

Reduce the burden on IT and empower your business users to work more efficiently with simplified AI and machine learning (ML) fine-tuning—no data science skills required. Build your own model with the attributes that make the most sense for your business or adjust Oracle’s native ML to fine-tune AI outcomes to match your industry, your business, and your sales organization’s priorities.

Complete customer data

Use clean, complete customer data to gain a deeper understanding of your prospects and customers across all interactions. Eliminate the time wasted hunting for information and provide sales teams direct access to critical customer insights. Easily enhance those insights with AI-fueled, first- and third-party data to better engage with your prospects.

Making sense of data quality and enrichment (PDF)

Intuitive user experience

Eliminate mind-numbing data entry and endless clicks with CRM sales tools that automate administrative tasks so you can focus more time on your customers and closing business.

New virtual sales capabilities

Simplify the sales process with a CRM sellers want to use. Our interactive dashboard makes it easy for sellers. With it, they can search and enter data using simple commands and keystrokes, explore all customer information and activity in a comprehensive view, and gain insights into individual and team performance.

Seller 360

Equip reps in all roles with a sales dashboard that starts their day with an actionable list of important tasks and records. Drill into key lists of records to get work done fast. With Smart Lists, users see personalized, intelligent lists that are generated based on their previous activity.

Customer 360

Give your sales reps tools to spend more time selling and less time hunting for customer or prospect information. Augment your customer records with CRM and back-office system data that’s collected and enriched with verified, third-party customer and company data.

Conversational user experience

Reps can use the action bar to search, act, update, communicate, and navigate on every screen within the application. It behaves just like a search bar, so sellers instantly know how to use it.

Contextual activity stream

This social-newsfeed-style view is scrollable, searchable, and filterable, giving reps an easy way to prepare for and engage with prospects. Not only does it organize and present all relevant sales engagements in one view, it also automatically captures a record of every interaction so sellers never have to update their CRM.

User personalization

Give your sellers a CRM that matches the way they work. Reps gain efficiency by creating list views with powerful filters. They can change, reorganize, and regroup records however they prefer.

Efficient records management

Easily update appointments and tasks, complete call logs, assign follow-ups, and add contacts through a system that’s fully integrated with popular email solutions, such as Outlook, Notes, and Gmail, and collaboration suites.

Sales and marketing collaboration

Benefit from a holistic view of sales and marketing engagements. View the complete marketing engagement history, add contacts and leads directly to marketing campaigns, and provide feedback on effectiveness and interest.

Sales productivity tools

Leverage the tools, systems, and devices that you already use and easily access and update CRM data from these channels:

Oracle Sales Mobile app

Boost productivity while on the go with an actionable home page and a new search experience, plus a biometric login and native device integrations to simplify your daily sales tasks.

Oracle Sales Assistant

Reduce the barriers your sales team faces when accessing critical records. Provide them with a digital assistant to update opportunities, pipeline, appointments, and daily sales tasks with ease—even while on the go.

Integrated email

Eliminate the time needed to switch between CRM and other applications. Without leaving email, your sales reps can use their CRM to make quick edits to opportunities, schedule meetings, log notes, and more.

Integrated collaboration

View and update Oracle Sales data in the familiar collaboration tools you already rely on.

Smart Lists

Easily generate Smart Lists previous to access the most relevant information about leads and opportunities—all based on previous work patterns and future activities.

See how analysts rank Oracle Sales Force Automation

We provide a unified experience for sellers to create a more productive and efficient workforce.

Sales Force Automation customer successes

View more customer successes

How do sellers feel about SFA?

Sellers feel that their sales force automation technologies are helpful, but falling short.

33%want SFA to do more than data entry
78%want tools to automate data entry or generic tasks
67%want tools to automatically qualify leads

Key benefits—sales force automation

01Boost sales productivity

Focus on the right tasks and actions to close more business, faster, with less clicks.

Learn how to set the stage for ongoing sales success

02Increase sales efficiency

Reduce time spent searching, clicking, and performing manual data entry.

Read what sellers say they need to be more efficient

Improve seller effectiveness: Gartner Magic Quadrant for Sales Force Automation

03Drive higher user adoption

Offer proactive AI-driven guidance on any device, making the CRM a system of recommendation, not just a system of record.

How to evolve your CRM from a system of record to a system of recommendation

04Deliver a connected customer experience

Get a single and complete customer view, thanks to prebuilt integrations with Oracle front- and back-office applications.

05Uncover more revenue opportunities

Intelligently track leads, opportunities, and service requests across accounts to determine which have the potential for more revenue.

Sales intelligence for accounts

06Remove guesswork. Know what works and what doesn’t

Remove the guesswork around what worked—and what didn’t. Fine-tune your strategy by analyzing historical successes and comparing those to similar, currently active leads and opportunities.

Learn more about sales intelligence for leads and opportunities

Learn how to build foundational strategies for digital selling (PDF)

May 9, 2022

CRM should work for sellers, not the other way around

Annie Calfo, Product Marketing Manager, Oracle Advertising and CX

Traditional CRM solutions have forgotten about sellers. Historically more focused on record-keeping and leadership tracking, they may help managers plan and forecast, but they don't help sellers sell.

That’s why Oracle is investing in a CRM solution that works for sellers—not the other way around. With easier access to complete customer data, helpful recommendations, and a better user experience, sellers can work smarter, not harder.

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