Oracle Cloud for National Security

Accelerating classified missions requires selecting the right cloud platform for the job, one that lets you create a decision advantage and maintain vigilance against ever-evolving cyberthreats while balancing cost and time-to-mission pressures.

The US government has granted Oracle Cloud an authority to operate (ATO) for top secret workloads, allowing defense and intelligence organizations a unique opportunity to leverage the latest commercial innovations to implement higher performance cloud capabilities with more favorable economics across classification levels.

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Oracle Introduces First Cloud Native Secure Cloud Computing Architecture Solution for the U.S. DoD

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure has introduced a new Secure Cloud Computing Architecture (SCCA) for the U.S. Department of Defense making security compliance and cloud adoption for mission-critical workloads easier, faster, and more cost effective by using a framework of cloud native services.

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Oracle Cloud achieves classified authorization

This new accreditation expands Oracle’s ability to support workloads across classification levels and reinforces our commitment to accelerating the US’s decision advantage to protect and advance the nation.

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Oracle Cloud scores big in latest Gartner Report

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) scored 78% overall in 2021 Gartner Solution Scorecard for IaaS and PaaS, delivering 90% of the required criteria. OCI achieved 100% for Compute, Storage, Networking, and Software Infrastructure, with Gartner noting that OCI is cost-effective for HPC and high-bandwidth needs.

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Cloud infrastructure built for all security classifications


Global public cloud with more than 30 regions.

U.S. Government

FedRAMP High JAB and DoD Impact Level 4 accredited cloud.

U.S. Defense

DoD Impact Level 5 and FedRAMP+ accredited cloud.

U.S. National Security

Top Secret accredited cloud, with Secret cloud coming soon.

Advancing national security missions

Solutions for complex, multidomain challenges

Extend the cloud to the tactical edge

Oracle Roving Edge Infrastructure extends the cloud’s power by delivering key capabilities to remote, austere environments.

Advance modeling and simulation with high performance computing (HPC)

Bare metal servers and Oracle's flat, two-tier network topology provide uniform bandwidth and ultra–low latency across all the nodes, allowing HPC clusters to scale at flat prices.

Stream and analyze data in near real time

Oracle Cloud securely delivers intelligence when and where it’s needed, even in denied, degraded, intermittent, or limited (DDIL) communications environments.

Outpace adversaries with real-time, multidomain data analytics

Bare metal servers and advanced digital twin modeling power complex missions with HPC and AI.

Reduce threats and enhance cyberdefense

Security-first design principles support zero trust models with tenant isolation and integrated, automated, and always-on security.

Track, analyze, and visualize assets across warfighting domains

Oracle’s location and spatial platform delivers enterprise scalability, security, and performance to power the most demanding GEOINT applications in Oracle Cloud and on-premises.

Cloud services

Converged data management

Reduce complex transformations and redundant data with Oracle’s multimodel converged database and Oracle Autonomous Database.

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AI, analytics, and data science

Use prebuilt models or build, train, and deploy machine learning models faster with your favorite open source frameworks.

Explore Oracle’s family of AI services

High performance computing

Solve complex intelligence challenges with powerful, cost-effective HPC on OCI bare metal servers coupled with ultra-low-latency RDMA cluster networking.

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Data integration

Extend and connect applications, data, and processes on-premises and in the cloud with low-code and no-code dataflows and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution.

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Cloud native development

Cloud native tools reduce operational and administrative tasks so you can build applications faster.

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SaaS business applications

Cloud applications streamline business processes and data for enterprise resource planning, supply chain management, human capital management, and more.

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Connect with a cleared national security cloud architect

Contact a cleared cloud professional to accelerate your mission success. Our cleared cloud experts have deep mission and domain knowledge—many having served in your organizations. Secure communications are available.

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Many of our team members come from our customer community and have dedicated their entire careers to ensuring our nation’s security. We offer competitive compensation, generous benefits, and a shared commitment to the mission.

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National security solutions—IT infrastructure


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure delivers high performance, low cost, and easy migration, with the services you need to migrate, build, and run all your IT, from existing enterprise workloads to new cloud native applications and data platforms.


Oracle hardware includes a full suite of scalable engineered systems, servers, and storage that optimize application and database performance, protect crucial data, and lower costs. Optimize operations with seamless integration between your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.


From the operating system to our flagship database to integrated application suites, Oracle provides software for all your business and mission systems. Developers, administrators, and users all benefit from Oracle’s commitment to open standards, security, and interoperability.

Open source

We are a founding member of the Linux Foundation, Eclipse Foundation, and the Java Community Process, as well as one of the industry's largest contributors to open source. Oracle invests significant resources in enhancements, testing, optimizations, and support for many open source projects used by millions of people every day.

U.S. DOD accredits Oracle Cloud for Top Secret missions

Melanie Goldsborough, Oracle National Security Group Manager

The U.S. Defense Department (DOD) has authorized Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to host Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) and Special Access Program (SAP) missions, providing unprecedented performance, security, and value for the most demanding classified missions.

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