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Oracle Responsys: Personalize At Scale

Welcome to the Experience Economy, where a customer’s experiences determine their satisfaction with your brand. To succeed in this environment, every interaction must be personalized, contextual, and responsive in real-time to the changing needs and desires of each individual. Oracle Responsys enables marketing organizations to seamlessly manage, personalize, and orchestrate all interactions, across all critical channels of engagement. With it, consumer signals and data from a wide variety of sources becomes useful and actionable. Interactions can be personalized and delivered at the right time, in the right channel, and with the right content for each person.

To keep up with consumer expectations, marketers need tools that easily work with their existing technology stacks. Oracle Responsys is an open platform, able to gather the right information from throughout your organization and across your existing technologies, enabling you to deliver truly exceptional customer engagements at the speed and scale you need. Oracle Responsys puts the control in your hands so you can make consumer engagements and experiences a point of positive differentiation for your brand.

Oracle Responsys

Why Oracle Responsys for your business?

Oracle Responsys places easy-to-use tools in the hands of marketers, so you can stop being forced to bring in technical experts to support the more sophisticated components of your marketing campaigns. Build templates, audiences, segments, filters, dynamic content rules, unique data relationships, automated processes, and moments-based, real-time, responsive marketing campaigns—all without code, complex technical training, or reliance on other experts.

Oracle Responsys empowers any marketer to create sophisticated nurture experiences and adaptive personalized journeys in minutes. Easily construct and manage highly sophisticated marketing programs by dropping and connecting campaign building blocks into the program designer. Include any touchpoint your consumers prefer across paid, owned, or earned channels. Campaigns can be easily updated, even while in flight, with little disruption. There’s no need to clone the marketing initiative to make improvements.

Today’s consumers effortlessly cross marketing channels—from email, social, and websites—with a growing list of devices. Consumers no longer think of these as transitions; they simply engage in a channel with the device that meets their needs at the moment. And they expect experiences that are personalized, relevant, and timely. Brands that meet those expectations will continue to win more of their business. Cross-channel marketing means engaging with your customers or prospects across every channel, on any device—from their inbox and beyond.

React to customers as they live from one micro-moment to the next, and never miss an opportunity to engage with an interested consumer. Oracle Responsys equips marketers with intelligent campaign orchestration, flexible data management, easy-to-use design tools, and insightful customer analytics, to engage each consumer at the right time to interact and within their preferred channel. Oracle Responsys is a single platform that allows marketers to drive exceptional consumer experiences across all marketing interactions.

Oracle Responsys simplifies sophisticated consumer marketing by enabling you to:

  • Individualize and personalize consumer engagements at scale, understanding the unique needs and context for every individual
  • Target and segment audiences with a 360-degree view of the important consumer signals
  • Optimize marketing efforts, and consumer experiences, to improve engagement and drive revenue
  • Connect data from any system with a flexible, simplified approach to data management built for marketers to use themselves
  • Have the flexibility to continuously innovate new customer interactions and experiences with our CX apps platform
  • Exceed customer expectations for what great experiences can be, and stand out from your competition by delivering them

While moments-based, cross-channel marketing is complex, it also increases the chance for success by offering customers more ways to reach you and connect with your brand. Successful cross-channel marketing requires you to take a broader, more holistic view of your consumer engagements, understanding the customer journey beyond even just their engagements with your marketing. Consumers do not distinguish their interactions across marketing, service, support, or commerce. To them, these are all just brand interactions that they expect to be personalized and consistent. Different departments will need to collaborate and work together to meet these expectations so that the consumer can build a deeper and more meaningful relationship with your brand and drive business results.

What makes Oracle Responsys different from other marketing lifecycle platforms?
At Oracle, we believe that data is the most fundamental ingredient to success. Without a solid, ‘data-first’ foundation, it’s not possible to deliver an experience that is relevant, timely, and consistent. Oracle Responsys lets marketers connect data from multiple sources, use these consumer signals to gain a richer understanding of consumer needs, and ensure that consumers receive personalized, targeted messages at the precise moment that they are looking to engage.

Explore Oracle Responsys


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Individualized Email Marketing

Gathering and using the right consumer data signals is a critical key to marketing success. Email marketers face challenges in leveraging customer data to personalize email, drive sustained engagement, and coordinate email marketing across disparate communication channels. Oracle Responsys features award-winning email marketing capabilities that help your business drive conversions, deepen customer relationships, and reduce message fragmentation. Responsys helps you understand your consumers through their data signals and build exceptional consumer experiences, coordinating your interactions across email, SMS, mobile, web push, web, and social channels.

Individualized Email Marketing

Targeting and Segmentation

Using Oracle Responsys, marketers no longer need to rely on IT professionals and data scientists to prepare an audience, evaluate the performance of a segment, or target an individual based on their expressed interests. Oracle Responsys puts the tools in your hands to connect disparate data signals, activate that data, and leverage it in real-time for better consumer engagements. Oracle Responsys helps you be confident that you are reaching the right people, with the right message, at the right time, and in the right channel.

Targeting and Segmentation

Cross-Channel Consistency

Consumers expect consistency when engaging with a brand. If you can’t create a high quality, consistent experience across time, channel, and engagement context, consumers will take their business elsewhere. Oracle Responsys enables marketers to create consistent experiences for consumers engaging with your brand via mobile, display, email, and social. Use a 360-degree profile view and relevant signal data to quickly understand customer needs and create consistent and personalized experiences for each individual, regardless of channel. These efforts impact engagement and conversion across segments, channels, and devices, enabling digital marketers to better serve their customers, understand marketing results, and drive business growth.

Cross-Channel Consistency

Testing and Optimization

Continuous testing is critical for successful marketing programs. Being dependent on IT or data experts to run tests only slows down your ability to improve your results. Oracle Responsys provides marketers with built-in tools to quickly deploy highly sophisticated tests without the need for outside assistance. Cross-channel testing capabilities and drag-and-drop convenience enable marketers to design, deploy, analyze, and scale tests. By combining all of the testing and optimization functions into one powerful platform, marketers can increase the speed and scale of their testing and optimization efforts to improve campaign effectiveness.

Testing and Optimization

Actionable Analytics and Insights

Great marketers strive to build the best consumer experiences. But marketers cannot do so without understanding how their campaigns are performing in a manner and time which gives them the opportunity to improve. A proper understanding of campaign performance requires an analytics platform created expressly for marketers. With Oracle Responsys, marketers get the capabilities and data needed to directly evaluate the performance of each campaign, and the tools they need to easily respond to critical customer signals and data. Knowledge can give you great power to drive your business results, and having the right tools in your hands is the only way to build the insights you need, in the time you need them, to be truly successful.

Actionable Analytics and Insights

Loyalty Engagement

Successful brands have shifted their focus beyond just driving today’s transactions in an effort to deepen consumer relationships and build customer loyalty. A vast majority of the revenue for most brands come from a small minority of their customer base—those customers who are most loyal. Brands who can understand their customers and encourage the right kinds of engagements will create deeper, longer-lasting relationships, and differentiation in their markets. This increase in customer loyalty leads directly to an increased customer lifetime value and capturing more market share. Oracle’s Responsys solution integrates with Oracle’s award-winning CrowdTwist loyalty and engagement platform to help drive the personalized engagements that build value for the brand and loyalty from consumers.

Loyalty Engagement
Oracle Responsys


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Oracle Responsys Delivers Winning Formula for Animation Software Powtoon

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Powtoon needed the means to establish a safe and effective cart abandonment recapture campaign to engage their users. With Oracle Responsys, they were able to drive 300 percent increased engagement and 58 percent higher revenues.


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