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Oracle Forms DeveloperとOracle Designer DeveloperのためのJ2EEアプリケーション開発

J2EEを知っていますか。Oracle FormsやOracle Designerを使用した経験はありますか。Oracle FormsやOracle Designerをご存知の方は、開発者専用のJ2EEアプリケーション開発センターへアクセスし、Formsアプリケーションの境界を拡張するJ2EEの利用方法を入手してください。JDeveloperやOracle Application Development Framework(ADF)が、FormsおよびDesigner Developerにとって最適な選択肢であることがわかります。

Getting Started
With JDeveloper 10.1.3 now production, there is a whole list of new collateral. Get a JDeveloper 10.1.3 Overview , an introduction to ADF or see how development can be visual and declarative
Mapping Forms triggers to ADF Where would a when-validate-item tigger fire, where do I put code if I need to do a post query? This papers tells you where all you favourite Forms triggers points map in ADF BC.
Hands-on scripts for 10.1.3 Production - Now released, all the labs in a step by step workshop in application development based on the 10.1.3. production release of JDeveloper.
Oracle By Example - Building Master/Detail - This step by step tutorial takes you through building a master/detail web page including business rules and search pages. A great introduction to ADF Business Components and JSF.
You know frameworks - You've heard of frameworks, this presentation shows how, as a Forms user, you are already familiar with frameworks.
Building apps is easy - This viewlet shows how quickly you can build an application.

Technical Articles
※ ●= US版の翻訳資料/○=他サイトへのリンク
 Oracle ツール製品の方向性: J2EEへのPL/SQLスキルの応用
(PDF ), 2006/4/25
 Oracle Application Development Framework 概要
(PDF ), 2006/3/1
Oracle ADFの基本アーキテクチャおよびそのメリットについて説明します。

JDeveloper 10.1.3 - A year of progress
This paper reflects on the progress that has been made with JDeveloper 10.1.3 and ADF, specifically for the RAD/Forms developers
Another Free Java Day Confirmed Oracle have confirmed another free Java day introducing the J2EE world to Forms developers - 19th April is now confirmed.
Hands-on scripts for 10.1.3 Production To coincide with the production release of JDeveloper 10.1.3, hands-on workshop scripts are now available to download and run at your own pace.
Series of Oracle Magazine articles A series of magazine articles taking you through the first steps of comparing Forms and J2EE and how JDeveloper and Oracle ADF can make you productive in building applications
Eurotransplant using Forms, JDeveloper and ADF - Eurotransplant allow their Forms and Designer developers to be productive in J2EE using JDeveloper and ADF.

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