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What Is Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics?

Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics empowers finance teams using Oracle Cloud ERP to monitor, align, and act on best-practice business performance KPIs. Powerful and flexible, Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics delivers personalized application analytics, custom benchmarks, and predictive insights powered by machine learning.

Deploy quickly with ready to use financial content—what drives revenues, costs, and profitability, with supporting metrics that identify problems and actions necessary to address them. Extend the prebuilt model to support your specific needs and deliver a holistic, consistent, and collaborative enterprise-wide view.

Read what industry analysts are saying about packaged analytical applications for finance departments (PDF).

Oracle Fusion ERP screenshot

Deliver Human Experience at Work

Deliver the experiences employees expect using familiar technologies that empower them to do their best work. Engaging with the system is as easy as a natural conversation, through a voice-based UI and a digital assistant that provide quick answers and execute processes from any device. Guided step-by-step workflows make once-complex transactions simple and intuitive. And the experience is personalized, supporting each user with relevant content, insights, and actions to drive productivity.

Deliver Human Experience at Work
Explore Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics

Key Features

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KPI Management

Key performance indicators (KPIs) let you track metrics based on what’s important to you. Which means that everyone on the team will have a consistent view of performance. You’re able to define additional metrics, set alerts, collaborate with others, and benchmark performance against targets and prior performance.

Best Practice Metrics Library

A comprehensive library of best practice metrics incorporates Oracle’s extensive knowledge of business applications data. It connects data across systems into one integrated view of performance. You can choose from strategic, operational, and process metrics that have been proven over decades of experience.

Prebuilt Analytic Models

Data models are time consuming to build and expensive to maintain. Oracle packages prebuilt models that go deep by topic area and broadly across ERP, HCM, CX, and SCM subjects to deliver a comprehensive view of your organization’s overall performance.

Extensible Analytics Application Architecture

Being able to customize your analytics—from new data to alluring visualizations—is a must-have for your business. You can extend models and content with data from other sources to your team without having to worry about upgrades.

Business Content Areas

Oracle Analytics for Fusion Applications will cover a diverse set of content including finance, human resources, supply chain, customer experience and engagement, and Netsuite. Our initial focus is on finance and we will add more content areas over time.

A world-class visualization product must meet four criteria: it must be easy to use, have striking visual appeal, access data from governed as well as personal sources, and enable sophisticated analytics that can be shared broadly across your community of consumers.

Augmented Analytics

Oracle powers deeper insights by embedding machine learning and AI into every aspect of the analytics process, making your job easier than ever. We employ smart data preparation and discovery to enhance your overall experience. Natural language processing (NLP) and natural language generation (NLG) power modern, conversation-style analytics.

Collaboration and Publishing

To take full advantage of your data, you need to easily share results with anyone, and collaborate smartly across teams to refine analytics content. Harness everyone’s collective wisdom to drive insights that lead to quick action and the best possible outcomes.

Enterprise Architecture and Security

Organizations want the freedom of self-service analytics coupled with a governance framework that delivers trusted, scalable data and analytics. The architecture and security model supporting Oracle Analytics manages those needs and allows you to tailor the system to your organization’s requirements for connectivity, authentication, and processing capacity. While not readily visible to your consumers, it’s the critical infrastructure that runs your system.

Mobile Exploration

Businesses need information when and where they need it. That requires the ability to ask questions and get answers on a mobile device. Powered by AI, mobile BI learns what you’re interested in—when and where you’re interested in it—and who you want to share and collaborate with.