Oracle Customer Excellence Awards

At Oracle, our customers inspire us daily—as teachers, innovators, and thought leaders. Combining their boundless ingenuity with Oracle solutions, our customers are creating and refining best practices that are reshaping their enterprises, their industries, and, increasingly, our world.

This year, we’re thrilled to introduce the Oracle Excellence Awards, an enhanced program recognizing users of Oracle Cloud Applications and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We can’t wait to hear and showcase our customers' success stories.

Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of finalists and winners.

Key dates

February 19, 2024 Nominations open

April 10, 2024 Nominations close

May 16 - 31, 2024 Finalists invited to answer additional questions

June 2024 Winners announced

2024 Customer Excellence Awards

Oracle is proud to present some of this year's nominees.

Customer Experience Award Categories

  • Most Innovative CX Program

    The Visionary Award

    Visionaries are designing the future of customer experiences with innovations that demonstrate creativity and intellect. This award will showcase the most groundbreaking customer experience program. If you’ve created a CX program that stands out from the rest, we want to know about it.

  • Most Impactful Revenue Program

    The Growth Award

    Organizational growth happens when you achieve great results across all products, different parts of your business, business models, and sales channels. This award will spotlight the revenue programs making the most impact. If your revenue programs are making a significant impact for your organization, we want to hear about it.

  • Best Use of Customer Data

    The Strategist Award

    Strategists understand the importance of leveraging data along with effective tactics to drive superior results. This award will showcase the best use of customer data. If you're turning data into actionable intelligence, we want to hear all about it.

  • Best Cross-Departmental Program

    The Connector Award

    Connectors understand the awesome power of bringing together multiple solutions, technologies, and organizations to deliver excellence. This award will showcase the top program that connects different parts of a company. If you’ve created a powerful solution that delivers measurable success and keeps the organization in good shape, we want to know about it.

  • Best Program Adapting to Change

    The Customer Success Award

    Adjusting to constantly changing customer needs, market trends, and organizational goals means being able to spot and adapt to what’s coming next, whatever it might be for your business. This award celebrates the top program that’s succeeded by being flexible. If you’re great at finding opportunities when things change and getting impressive results, we want to hear your story.

Human Resources Award Categories

  • Thoughtful Employee Experience Design

    The Employee Experience Award

    Employee experience is constantly evolving. Organizations in this category have demonstrated a commitment to understanding and engaging individuals through personalized, intuitive experiences. They are focused on growth—effectively upskilling and reskilling to adapt to change—and prioritizing total wellbeing and a connected culture of belonging.

  • Guiding Candidates Hiring Journey

    The Candidate Experience Award

    The ability to build strong candidate relationships sets organizations apart in a competitive labor market. Through innovative use of technology, these organizations are empowering their hiring teams, attracting candidates with the right skills, and successfully guiding them through an intuitive hiring and onboarding experience.

  • Remarkable Vision for the Future of Work

    The HR Innovation Award

    Emerging technology is playing an ever-increasing role in the daily success of the workforce. Organizations in this category are using the latest technology in innovative ways to enhance performance and outpace the competition. Through creative application of AI, intelligent user experience, machine learning, analytics, or a unified cloud platform, these organizations are leading the way toward a new world of work.

  • Helping Managers Put Employees First

    The People-First Leadership Award

    Employee success depends on managers who lead with authenticity, transparency, and empathy. Organizations in this category are equipping their people managers with the right environment and tools to connect with their team members, understand their needs, recognize their accomplishments, and nurture their growth.

Finance and Supply Chain Award Categories

  • Best Use of Oracle Cloud in Finance

    The Best Use of Oracle Cloud in Finance Award

    Finance leaders are rethinking every aspect of their businesses—across finance, operations, workforce, and supply chains—to capitalize on new opportunities and drive growth. The winner of this award will have succeeded in applying strategies and best practices that position their company for sustained innovation and value creation.

  • Excellence in Financial Close

    The Velocity Award

    Closing the books quickly at period end streamlines compliance activities and provides business leaders with actionable insights to guide strategic decisions. Difficulties in closing the books can also be indicative of underlying problems. The winner in this category has guided their team in closing the books fast despite challenges such as organizational complexity, business model diversity, compliance regulations, or accounting practices.

  • Innovation in Planning Scenario Modelling

    The Prediction Award

    Every organization seeks to adopt best practices that will accurately forecast operational results and assess the consequences of various what-if scenarios. The winner of this award is adept at producing precise plans and clear scenario models for finance, supply chain, marketing, workforce management, or projects.

  • Best Use of Oracle Cloud in Supply Chain

    The Change Agent Award

    Supply chain leaders are heroically scrambling to put out fires and eliminate chaos while also predicting tomorrow’s trials and tribulations. The winner of this award will have succeeded in smoothing out new challenges impacting supply chains—by reimagining sourcing strategies, minimizing risk, leveraging automation and intelligence, and bridging the gap between planning and execution to exceed the current and future expectations of their customers.

  • Source-to-Pay Performance

    The Spendwise Award

    An often overlooked function, this award goes to the supply chain professional who has steered their department or organization in the right direction to maximize margins and increase profitability.

Infrastructure Award Categories

  • Transformed Data Center Operations

    Data Center Migration and Transformation Award

    Oracle honors organizations that transformed their data center operations across both Oracle and non-Oracle applications. Often this includes exiting one or more data centers. These solutions delivered higher performance at lower cost than alternatives, frequently without rearchitecting applications.

  • Excellence in Application Modernization

    Application Modernization Award

    Oracle honors organizations that successfully moved Oracle and non-Oracle applications. Sometimes these deployments minimize rearchitecting applications, while in other cases they involve modernizing the application to new software versions or cloud services. They deliver higher performance at lower cost than alternatives.

  • Innovation in Use of Data

    Data Platform Innovation Award

    Oracle honors organizations that changed their own products, services, or processes by using their data in new ways. These deployments use Oracle Cloud to derive new value for the business from new or existing business data.

  • Best Use of AI and ML

    AI Innovation Award

    Oracle honors organizations that transform their products or services with artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning (ML) on Oracle Cloud. These solutions enable the business to provide new solutions for their customers, create new value for their business, or meaningfully enhance and transform existing activities.

  • Most Impactful Cloud Deployments

    Cloud Architect of the Year Award

    Oracle presents this award to enterprise cloud architects who have delivered and executed on clear strategies that resulted in successful and impactful cloud deployments on Oracle Cloud.

Sustainability Award

  • Excellence in Sustainability

    Earthfirst Award

    With demand from consumers, investors, and legislators rising for organizations to commit and act on sustainability goals and initiatives, technology is key for organizations that are weaving sustainability into the core of their business. Sustainability is everyone’s business, and this award celebrates organizations leveraging Oracle Applications or Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (or both!) to ensure a sustainable future.

Nominations are now closed. Stay tuned for the announcement of finalists and winners.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    • Who can enter?

      The Oracle Excellence Awards are open to any organization that uses services under the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure umbrella and/or Oracle Applications and has achieved extraordinary results leveraging our technologies.

    • What are Oracle’s goals for the awards?

      We have two main goals: to celebrate our extraordinary customers and to showcase their remarkable success stories on

    • How will winners be recognized?

      Finalists and winners will be recognized on the Oracle Excellence Awards web page and celebrated via various social communications activities. Winners will also be presented with a trophy in recognition of their achievement. Depending on current conditions, the announcement of finalists and winners may take place during a virtual event or at a live, in-person event.

    • How many finalists will be announced in each category?

      We expect a high volume of submissions, so we’ll announce up to five finalists per category.

      If there are any ties between the finalists, there might be more than 5 per category.

    • Are the Oracle Excellence Awards global?

      Yes, with very few exceptions. Review the program rules (PDF) for any current restrictions.

    • Can I submit an entry on someone else’s behalf?

      Yes. If you know of a person or organization that deserves recognition, please do. Be sure to include their contact details so we can reach out to see if they want to participate.

    • Can I enter more than one category?

      Absolutely. However, each organization may only submit one nomination per category. If nominations are submitted by one organization for additional categories, each nomination must be materially different than any others submitted.

    • What makes a winning entry?

      Our judges are looking to highlight some of the incredible work our customers have been doing in recent years to increase their organization’s performance, lower costs, create positive impacts, and improve user experience for both employees and customers. When submitting your nomination, it helps considerably to include metrics and measurable results to demonstrate the extent of the impact Oracle and its solutions have had on the business and its people.

    • What information do I need before starting a nomination?

      You’ll need information about the customer’s mission, challenges they faced, how they have used Oracle solutions to help overcome those challenges, and the results they have achieved after implementing the solutions.

    • Can I change my nomination after the nomination period ends?

      Unfortunately, no. All information is final as of the nomination period end date, which is listed on the Excellence Awards home page.

    • How come there are two rounds of judging?

      After all nominations are submitted, the first round of judging will occur, to determine the finalists (5/category). Following this, the finalists will be invited to answer a few more questions to make sure their nominations stand out. The second round of judging will evaluate all answers and determine our winners.