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Legal Notices

Privacy @ Oracle

Oracle respects your preferences concerning the collection and use of your Personal Information. The following Oracle privacy policies are tailored for the different ways your Personal Information may be collected, used, shared and processed by different Oracle lines of business:

  • The Oracle General Privacy Policy addresses information we collect in connection with your use of our websites and mobile applications, your interactions with Oracle and in the context of our offline sales and marketing activities, including Profit Magazine and Oracle Magazine.
  • The Services Privacy Policy describes our privacy and security practices that apply when handling (i) services personal information in order to perform Consulting, Technical Support, Cloud and other services on behalf of Oracle customers; and (ii) personal information contained in systems operation data generated by the interaction of (end-)users of these services with Oracle systems and networks.
  • The Oracle Recruiting Privacy Policy addresses information we may collect in connection with Oracle’s online and offline recruiting efforts.
  • The Oracle Data Cloud Privacy Policy addresses how Oracle facilitates the collection and use of marketing and interest-based information to help enable interest-based advertising by Oracle’s Marketing and Data Cloud customers.
  • The AddThis Privacy Policy informs consumers about the collection, use and sharing of personal information in connection with Oracle’s provision of the AddThis Tools.
  • The Dyn Internet Performance Tools Privacy Policy provides information on the collection, use, sharing and processing of personal information by Oracle in connection with Dyn’s Recursive DNS service, Updater Client, Gauge web browser extension, and RUM beacons.

Pursuant to the E.U. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), and other applicable laws and regulations, individuals may have data subject rights enabling them to request to access, delete, correct, remove or limit the use, or receive a copy of their personal information in Oracle’s possession or for which Oracle is otherwise responsible. If you would like to exercise your rights, please refer to the applicable privacy policy above or visit the Privacy Choices tab for more information.