The Oracle Playbook

The Oracle Playbook describes our strategy and learnings from the past 20 years that have enabled us to grow revenue while increasing our operating margin and delivering an exceptional experience to customers. The playbook goes way beyond how we use Oracle technology. It details how we relentlessly focus on our people, processes, and systems to achieve more with less. And we want to share it with you.

Oracle Playbook

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AI Excellence Lower costs, greater efficiency and performance, and better experiences for those we serve

Improve productivity and decision-making, automate end-to-end processes, and unlock new possibilities.

Learn how to achieve AI excellence
AI Excellence

IT Systems Excellence 30% improvement in application performance

Leverage the cloud to modernize applications, enhance agility and security, reduce costs, and drive innovation.

Learn how to achieve IT systems excellence
IT Systems Excellence

Operational Excellence 80% reduction in time spent on administrative activities

Eliminate complexity, improve efficiency, increase productivity and agility, and make better, smarter business decisions.

Learn how to achieve operational excellence
Operation Excellence

Financial Excellence <10 workdays to close the books and release earnings

Transform your finance team into a predictive powerhouse that steers the business and leads the way forward.

Learn how to achieve financial excellence
Financial Excellence

HR Excellence 20,000 manager hours saved annually in hiring

Align your talent strategy with evolving business needs, improve the hiring and onboarding experience, and increase employee performance and retention.

Learn how to achieve HR excellence
HR Excellence

Corporate Development Excellence Moved off 5,000 acquired company applications

Quickly and effectively integrate acquisitions while minimizing disruption to customers, employees, and partners.

Learn how to achieve corporate development excellence
Corporate Development Excellence

Our framework for success

We relentlessly focus on people, processes, and systems to achieve more with less.

  • People

    We aim to create a service-oriented culture that embraces continuous improvement. This includes establishing common goals with customer success as our North Star and using global process and solution owners to drive accountability and ongoing improvement.

  • Processes

    We continuously review our end-to-end business operations, which underlie the experiences we deliver to our customers, employees, and partners. This includes streamlining to create the simplest possible experiences for those we serve. Beyond that, it includes empowering and delighting those individuals with a fully automated, guided experience that requires no manual intervention to complete.

  • Systems

    We leverage Oracle Cloud Applications and Infrastructure to power our business and help us achieve our goals. Our approach includes centralizing our applications, deploying solutions out of the box—without customization, using built-in best practices—and taking advantage of cloud updates released on an ongoing basis.

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