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SailGP launches second season with Oracle Cloud Technologies

Sailing’s fastest racing league, SailGP, is using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to deliver real-time data to the league’s eight teams, broadcast partners, and fans worldwide. OCI will help teams optimize performance and take fans closer to the racing action than ever before.

30,000 insights per second

With Oracle Stream Analytics, SailGP will capture 30,000 data points every second. That massive amount of data will then be streamed from every F50 catamaran and analyzed using correlation patterns, data enrichment, and machine learning. Fans can access real-time race metrics on the SailGP app or to follow the racing action as close as the teams themselves.

Oracle gives us access to their incredible technology with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, which allows us to access new insights much faster.

Russell Coutts, CEO, SailGP

Data-powered training

Oracle Cloud will power a new SailGP simulator in the near future allowing teammates to virtually race F50’s from any location. Athletes will be able use the simulator, which incorporates Season 1 data and visualization technology hosted by Oracle, to take the helm, wing trimmer or flight controller positions and experience different setups and race conditions.


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SailGP: Racing on the Edge // Episode 1: Sailing 2.0 (24:00)
The much anticipated behind-the-scenes documentary series ‘SailGP: Racing on the Edge’ in partnership with Rolex is here. In the first episode, go under the hood of the supercharged F50 catamaran developed specifically for SailGP, find out how the concept for the league was born, watch the first rivalries emerge, and more.

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