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Bize Ulaşın Oracle Cloud'da Oturum Aç

Oracle Unified Directory

Oracle Unified Directory is part of Oracle's comprehensive directory solution offering for robust identity management deployments. Enable enterprise directory scalability with an all-in-one solution that provides the services required for high performance and massive scale.

Transition from Oracle Identity and Access Management (IAM) 11g to 12c.

Strengthen security and risk posture and gain the full potential of identity management across on-premises, cloud, or hybrid models. Accelerate and streamline the upgrade to IAM 12c with a top-down approach using the Oracle IAM Upgrade Factory.

Oracle Unified Directory

Directory service for the growing enterprise

Support up to billions of users and devices. Oracle Unified Directory provides elastic scalability to support growth without unnecessary over-provisioning, and easily expands without impacting the existing service. The largest telecom and service provider deployments are supported with carrier-grade service-level agreements (SLA) and availability.

Scalable, unified directory services for the enterprise

Oracle Unified Directory, together with Oracle Directory Integration Platform, is the first and only unified Java-based directory service that provides storage, synchronization, proxy, and virtualization capabilities. The unified solution provides architectural flexibility and optimization, accelerates identity management projects and application deployments, and reduces total cost of ownership.

Access management for on-premises or the cloud

Leveraging a small footprint, and with easy installation, Oracle Unified Directory provides many deployment options and allows ISVs to bundle the directory into their applications. The directory server is easily installed and configured in minutes, and with a few clicks, is ready for data. Besides an advanced command line interface with interactive mode, Oracle Unified Directory leverages a common graphical user interface to provide a superior user experience.

Enterprise-grade directory for on-premises or the cloud

Easily scale up and down using Open Application Model (OAM) with Docker/Kubernetes images to rapidly deploy instances of Oracle Access Management on-premises or in the cloud. Supported by high availability, failover, and extensive global data center support, organizations can focus on their broader organizational needs with full confidence in the resiliency of their directory solution. Support for microservices enables agile release processes to help organizations accelerate the pace of innovation.

Oracle Unified Directory customer successes

Customers in a wide range of industries rely on Oracle Unified Directory.

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DOCOMO Systems improves service quality and reliability, and reduces system costs by up to 30%

May 20, 2021

General Availability of 12cPS4 April Bundle Patches and New Microservices

Eleanor Meritt, Senior Vice President, Oracle Identity and Access Management Development

Eleanor Meritt, senior vice president of Oracle Identity and Access Management Development, announces the release of 12cPS4 bundle patches and three new microservices. Learn more about these new microservices and feature enhancements, and how they help optimize the performance of your existing Identity and Access Management deployment.

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