Oracle Data Infrastructure Forum

28 September 2022

Today’s most innovative businesses are using data to analyze customer behavior, manage risk, and get ahead of trends. Your IT infrastructure is at the heart of it all – enabling data-driven decisions and innovations that propel business growth.

At our Data Infrastructure Forum, you will learn from technology experts and hear from some of our customers, describing how they harnessed their data infrastructure to derive more insight from their data and use it in exciting new ways.

This includes a session with Oracle Red Bull Racing, the defending champion of the Formula 1 Grand Prix, who relies on Oracle to power their race strategy, engine development, fan engagement, and more.

Oracle product leaders will share insights on Hybrid Cloud, the future of data management and how to bring data performance to a new level through automation, platform for new generation applications, database consolidation, and enhanced data protection.

Why join

  • Executive insights from Oracle product and business leaders
  • Hear from Thought Leaders in different industries on their experiences with Hybrid Cloud
  • 2 engaging tracks on - the Data Driven Future and Cloud Evolution
  • Live Q&A with Oracle experts in Asia


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Leadership Keynote:

Disruptive Innovation – Mega Trends in a Data Driven World

As the global economy continues to experience headwinds and uncertainties, tech companies and CIOs have to remain at the forefront of trends and get ahead of the curve in order to retain their competitive advantage. Join us in an engaging fireside chat between Han Chung Heng (SVP, Oracle Systems & Alliances and Channels) & Ullrich Loeffler (CEO, Ecosystm) as they discuss Megatrends that are picking up speed today, especially with regard to ESG, MetaVerse, and more.

Track 1 – Data Driven Future

Strategic Imperatives for a Data Driven Organization

Being or becoming a Data Driven Organization is hard. Many organizations succeed in this data driven journey, but a greater number continue to pursue the business and commercial benefits of being data driven. Understanding the challenges and how to address them, can enable organizations to turn data into intelligence, intelligence into verifiable facts and facts into business/commercial strategies. Join Martin as he outlines the strategic imperatives that organizations must implement, as they strive to transform data into value.

Track 2 – Cloud Evolution

Here, There, Everywhere – the Best Deployment Experience with Hybrid Multi-cloud

Public cloud adoption has become mainstream as enterprises take advantage of the economics, scale and agility the cloud has to offer. Despite this, analysts found that 80% of enterprise business critical workloads remain On-Premises, John will explore the drivers behind this and how a Hybrid Multicloud strategy can deliver both strategic business advantage and the assurance that organizations need to migrate their workloads to cloud.

  • John Foster

    Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Systems Business Development, Oracle JAPAC

Which DB?

Want to be more data driven? Unsure which DB to help you achieve this? Then learn why Oracle’s Converged Database delivering a multi-model, multitenant, multi-workload architecture is the optimal choice to help grow and expand your business requirements instead of the siloed single-purpose databases approach.

Future-Proofing your Enterprise with Oracle’s Hybrid Cloud Platform

Deployment choices made by you - Oracle's customers. Whether your requirements are cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises Oracle is delivering architectural identicality across these deployment models. Utilising Oracle's Database Acceleration Platform - Exadata, customers can de-risk and future proof their enterprise workload deployments, whether that be cloud, hybrid cloud or on-premises. Join Martin as he shares the reasons why almost 90% of Fortune Global 100 organizations choose the Oracle Exadata platform for their deployment of choice.

Autonomous Infrastructure – the Next Frontier

The future for Database Infrastructure Platforms is Autonomous. Only Oracle with it’s unique combination of Infrastructure, Database Software and Automated Data Centre Operations can provide a self driving, self securing and self repairing Autonomous Database Service. Eliminate all the complexity of mission critical database requirements for all your database workloads from your smallest Excel based spreadsheet data up to you most mission critical enterprise applications. Join this session to hear more and start planning your Autonomous Database strategy and future.

  • Jason Reinhardt

    Senior Director, Database Product Management and Business Development, Oracle JAPAC

Achieving Hybrid Cloud and Edge Computing

Balancing the use and benefits of the public cloud with data security and regulatory concerns is an ongoing challenge for IT management. Organizations want and need the best of both worlds - the advantage of cloud automation and economics as well as the ability to meet data residency, security and latency requirements behind their own firewalls. In this session, Sam K Tan will discuss the ideal solution for organizations, supporting their business needs at scale and with versatility.

  • Sam K Tan

    Director, Business Development, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle JAPAC

Keynote Session: Everything we do is Data

Join us in an interview with current Formula 1 racing championship leaders - Oracle Red Bull Racing - who will share how partnering with Oracle has allowed them to take advantage of data and insights to power their winning race strategies, engine development, fan engagement, and more.

  • John Foster

    Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Systems Business Development, Oracle JAPAC

  • Zoe Chilton

    Head of Strategic Partnerships,
    Oracle Red Bull Racing

Data Security for the Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape

Data Security continues to be an existential threat to many organisations, reaching new heights in both scale and volume in the last 2 years. Traditional perimeter security is no longer adequate in fending-off signature-less cyberattacks which are getting more sophisticated in its attack vectors. Enterprises must adopt a hardliner mindset towards Data Security. Join Sugumaran in this session to understand Oracle’s strategy in dealing with Ransomware and ensuring that Data Security cannot be compromised.

Free Your Deployment Options: Transform & Innovate

Learn from the effervescent Sam K Tan as he analyses the 4 main challenges impacting businesses as their use of cloud and hybrid cloud evolves. Is there a solution that can solve these challenges and allow businesses to achieve agility, scalability and security? Join this session to find out!

  • Sam K Tan

    Director, Business Development, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle JAPAC

Blockchain – Building Blocks for
Web 3.0

Web3.0 implies data ownership, decentralized control and enhanced security of services accessed through internet rather than through services mediated by individual companies / governments. Web 3.0 changes how humans and machines interact, allows data transfer, cryptocurrency-based payments and ownership transfer. Web3.0 relies heavily on blockchain technology and business leaders see potential in the highly transparent nature of a decentralized Web3.0, where all transactions are recorded and registered and can be easily traced. Almost every sector is expected to adopt Web3.0 blockchain ranging from financial services to retail and e-commerce, media and entertainment, healthcare, IT, government and energy. Join this session to learn how this amazing technology is changing business landscape.

  • Kiran Makarla

    Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Blockchain Platform / Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service , Oracle

Future Driven Architectures.
For Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Enterprises want choice in their journey to Cloud. The ability to continue running classic enterprise workloads while having a connected and efficient journey to modern apps, is key to becoming future-ready. Join Salman as he unpacks how organizations can develop containerized, cloud native applications using architectural patterns and tools that are consistent across private and public clouds.

  • Salman Shaikh

    Director, Solutions Engineering, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle India

Customer Panel: Insights on Hybrid Cloud & Journey to the Cloud

Join Sugu as he hosts 2 guest speakers to discuss customer journeys to the Cloud. Hear about the challenges and solutions through the lens of our customers and learn about the business benefits that have accrued from their transformation.

Chantaporn Niyompeetikul will share experiences from a banking titan in ASEAN as well as a retail customer managing over 13,000 retail stores in Thailand. Then, Jochen Hinderberger will impart his learnings and experiences in bringing Dialog Semiconductor from an on-premises model to being fully in the cloud. Don’t miss this informative finale to the Data Infrastructure Forum!

  • Sugumaran Kannusamy (Moderator)

  • Jochen Hinderberger

    Director of IT Applications
    Dialog Semiconductor

  • Chantaporn Niyompeetikul

    Senior Sales Director
    Oracle ASEAN

Featured Speakers

Han Chung Heng
Han Chung Heng Senior Vice President, Systems, Alliances, Channels, and ISV, Oracle Asia Pacific and Japan

An innovative thought leader and a practical futurist, Han is constantly finding new ideas and ways for his business to be future-ready for growth. He is passionate about transformational technologies such as AI, machine learning, and blockchain; sustainable development and green IT; and the future of work and digital transformation. Han frequently consults with customers and partners to help them evolve and transform with the digital age. He is also a prominent keynote speaker at regional and international conferences and events.

Ullrich Loeffler
Ullrich Loeffler CEO and Co-Founder, Ecosystm

Ullrich is responsible for enabling Ecosystm to keep pace with the rapid growth and expansion of the business. Prior to joining Ecosystm, Ullrich spent over 10 years at research firm, IDC where he held the position of Managing Director for Australia & New Zealand. Ullrich has a proven track record of growing teams and managing sales, marketing research and consulting activities in public and private sector organisations. A passionate advocate of disruptive technologies and innovation, Ullrich is a regular speaker at conference and in the media, talking about technology enabled business transformation.

Zoe Chilton
Zoe Chilton Head of Strategic Partnerships, Oracle Red Bull Racing

Zoe leads a team managing key relationships with all of Oracle Red Bull Racing’s key Partnerships, including premium lifestyle brands and strategic technical partners. The recent addition of the Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports team, and Red Bull Powertrains Partners to the roster creates a broad and diverse portfolio of brands – spanning the realms of cutting edge technology, luxury goods, fashion, consumer brands and services.
After completing a law degree with honours from Leeds University, Zoe attended University of Warwick to study for an MSc in Engineering Business Management. Graduating with a distinction, Zoe then spent 6 years working in the motorsport and high performance engineering sector in a range of Marketing and Business Development roles, including collaborative experience in NASCAR, IndyCar, rally and historic racing.
Zoe joined Oracle Red Bull Racing in 2015, initially responsible for liaising directly with the team’s key technical partners, and also engineering stakeholders within the business, to ensure the perfect fit in both product and culture. Since then, expanding on this experience in the Partnerships team, Zoe has built a strong team of Partnership Managers who aim to both be the expert in their Partners’ product and also immerse partners in the Red Bull culture to create outstanding storytelling and activations.

Chantaporn Niyompeetiku
Chantaporn Niyompeetikul Senior Sales Director Oracle

Martin Lambert
Martin Lambert Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle JAPAC

Martin is a Product Manager, in the Mission Critical Database Business Development Team for Japan and Asia Pacific – located in Singapore. He has more than 30 years’ experience in the information systems industry, of which 20+ years is with the Oracle Corporation across Asia Pacific. In his current role, Martin is responsible for Product Management and Business Development activities across Asia Pacific – focusing on the Oracle Data Management Platform – including the Exadata Platform line of products – Cloud at Customer / Cloud Service and the Oracle Database / Autonomous Database. Working closely with Oracle’s customers and partners to ensure they are provided with the relevant information to ensure successful customer business outcomes.
Martin holds a degree in Bachelor of Applied Science – Computing, from the Queensland Institute of Technology, Australia.

Anthony Mastromauro
Anthony Mastromauro Hybrid Cloud Architect, Oracle JAPAC

Anthony Mastromauro is a Hybrid Cloud Architect for Oracle. He has over 25 years of experience working in the IT industry across Asia Pacific. Throughout his career, Anthony has worked in system administration, software development and database administration specializing in high availability, clustering, and performance management. With Oracle, Anthony has worked in Support, Consulting, Sales and Delivery specializing in assisting customers across JAPAC to help fast track their OCI Cloud journey using our Engineered Systems products. Having worked with Exadata since its inception, he has extensive knowledge and experience in deploying and consolidation database workloads on Oracle Engineered Systems assisting various customers across Australia and Asia Pacific achieve tremendous technical and economic benefits running critical workloads on the Exadata platform in various deployment models.
Anthony has presented at many technical conferences for Oracle and external partners and has developed and taught workshops for both customers and Oracle staff on Oracle Database, Exadata, Oracle RAC/Clusterware, ASM and Zero Data Loss Recovery Appliance.

Jason Reinhardt
Jason Reinhardt Senior Director, Database Product Management and Business Development, Oracle JAPAC

Jason Reinhardt is Senior Director for Database Product Management and Business Development. With over 20 years of IT and Database experience, he has a significant international profile both in the finance sector and within Oracle. He joined Oracle from the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) in October 2015, where he drove and delivered world class and world renowned Oracle database applications and consolidation platforms in an ‘As a Service’ model. He also ran the Engineering team at CBA, for Database, Storage, Mainframe and Midrange technologies and had both technical and financial Service Owner responsibilities.Jason is passionate about representing the customer perspective and is an advocate for delivering ongoing value and strategic relationships with our customers.

Sugumaran Kannusamy
Sugumaran Kannusamy Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Systems Solution Engineering, Oracle JAPAC

K.Sugumaran is currently Vice President, Solutions Engineering, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Asia Pacific & Japan. Sugu is no stranger to Oracle and re-joined Oracle in 2013 where he was leading the APAC Systems Inside Sales Team, Sugu has spent the last five years with the Systems Business Development team, where he was involved in strategic initiatives such as SMART City, Data Security, Cloud Adjacency, and other emerging technology engagements. Many also know him as one of the regular spokespersons in various speaking engagements. Sugu has extensive management experiences working in Violin Memory, EMC Corp, Sun Microsystems, Netscape Corporation and Novell. Sugu holds a BSc (Hons) in Computer Science from the National University of Singapore, an MBA from Cranfield School of Management (UK), and a Diploma in Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Sugu also plays an active grassroots role in Singapore, providing weekly community service for his constituency.

Kiran Makarla
Kiran Makarla Senior Principal Product Manager, Oracle Blockchain Platform / Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service , Oracle

Kiran Makarla is Senior Principle Product Manager for Oracle, and has been in business technology for over 20 years in multiple roles ranging from lead engineer, architect to product and marketing management. He is passionate about developing, managing and marketing products and solutions that solve the unique challenges which customers encounter. In his role, he often partners with senior technology executives to analyze trends, evaluate product categories and identify market opportunities - all with a relentless focus on practitioners and end users within customer organizations.
Kiran is an avid reader, and is a frequent speaker at various technology groups and industry events across the country.

John Foster
John Foster Vice President, Hybrid Cloud Systems Business Development, Oracle JAPAC

John Foster is Vice President for GTM Strategy and Business Development for Oracle Hybrid Cloud Systems in the Japan and Asia Pacific region. His portfolio includes Engineered Systems, Cloud@Customerand appliances. Based in Singapore, John is a veteran in the IT industry with more than 25 years of experience and has held various senior leadership positions across the EMEA and JAPAC markets. Passionate about the future of technology, how innovation can be applied to accelerate business growth and improve the user experience, John is constantly seeking to help customers evolve and transform with the digital age.

Sam K Tan
Sam K Tan Director, Business Development, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle JAPAC

Sam K Tan is the Director for Business Development for Oracle Systems, covering Asia-Pacific and Japan, focusing on Oracle Private Cloud Appliance and Oracle Database Appliance, two strategic engineered systems in Oracle’s portfolio of hardware products. As a member of the product team, Sam drives the effort to encourage adoption of Oracle’s private cloud solutions, with particular expertise in open source cloud native development tools and environments. Sam brings a wealth of knowledge of the IT industry having worked in multiple roles in Oracle / Sun Microsystems for over 20 years.

Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh Director, Solutions Engineering, Hybrid Cloud Systems, Oracle India

Salman is Director leading the Hybrid Cloud Solutions Engineering and Sales Consulting organisation for Oracle in India. His key focus areas are in Technologies, Solutions and Products supporting Enterprise IT, Technology Transformation, such as - Exadata and Engineered Systems, Cloud Computing Solutions, Enterprise and Data Management Solutions, Virtualization and High Availability Architecture. Salman has over 20 years of experience as a trusted advisor to enterprise customers in Presales and Solutions Consulting across varied technology pillars. His proven technical and leadership skills contribute to his delivery of consistently impressive results.

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