Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts (ATS)

Automate the Complete Testing Lifecycle of 5G NFs
Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts (ATS) is a robust testing platform that helps to efficiently automate the testing of Oracle’s 5G core network functions (NFs). ATS accelerates innovation and reduces OpEx by significantly cutting down the time and effort required to test 5G core elements.

ATS for 5G Business Benefits

  • Verify newer versions of software more efficiently
  • Reduce the errors, costs, and efforts associated with manual testing
  • Rollout new platforms faster
  • Apply configuration changes more easily
  • Expand and grow the network according to business requirements
  • Ensure more resiliency in the core network
  • Perform accurate benchmarking and capacity planning

ATS Key Features

Oracle Communications Automated Test Tools and Scripts is built on a behavior-driven development framework called “Behave.” It supports tests written in natural language style and supports 900+ test cases for 5G NFs. The differentiated features of Oracle Communications ATS are as follows:

  • Provide 4G/5G NFs standalone testing
  • Help operators to perform resilience and chaos testing
  • Maintain historical test data/execution results
  • Offer flexibility to operators to customize their own test cases
  • Deliver complete set of functionality, regression, and performance testing
  • Easy integration with CI/CD and automatic triggering of test cases with each new build

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