The Time Is Now for Database Upgrade

Technology debt is not only linked to hardware and software obsolescence, but leaves organizations "lagging" - unable to leverage automation and integration capabilities, lacking superior scalability and availability to be able to handle demand and offer near-zero business service disruption. To add to this, there is an inability to get insights from data in real-time, and increased vulnerability as cyber-attacks grow exponentially and data breaches are commonplace, particularly as systems remain out-of-date.

A pragmatic data management strategy using the latest database versions provides a clear path to quickly remove technology debt and facilitates Innovation.

Oracle Database Time is Now for Database Modernization

Here is your roadmap to a secure, modern and cloud-ready data platform...

Technology debt?
Upgrade your database

Digitalization is accelerating due to the efficiency, agility and resilience it delivers. Within this context, many companies are now seeking to address "technology debt".

Technology debt is linked to IT obsolescence and low levels of automation, integration, scalability, availability, and security. It’s also difficult to gain insights from data in real time - and all are key factors in running a business effectively, especially with the growth in cyber-attacks, data breaches, and service disruptions.

Only modernizing and cloudifying with a long-term data management strategy in mind will remove the technology debt. A pure "like-for-like" upgrade to new software releases is no longer an option, as that approach will introduce new technology debt after a short period of time.

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Maximize value with Oracle Database 19c

How moving to Oracle Database 19c can help you reduce operational risk and costs, improve productivity and business resilience, as well as providing better business insight. This on-demand session also features customers that have made the move and reaped the benefits.

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Converged database - improving data value

Data is seen as the new "oil" to power the world. Oil in its raw form has limited application and the same is true for raw data. Organizations need to build decision support systems, run advanced analytics and develop data-driven applications to gain value from data, reach new levels of efficiency and market products and services more effectively.

Databases are behind every type of system, often with single purpose databases developed to solve one or a small subset of problems. By contrast, converged databases support all data types and workloads, and create synergies across these.

Watch this on-demand session to learn about Oracle converged database and how it can help your business be more data-driven and unlock new insights and possibilities; explore the art of the possible with us.

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Database cloud services - optimize costs

Oracle has created a second-generation cloud platform with security, performance and reliability at its core. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is build for enterprises looking for higher performance, lower costs and easier cloud migration from their on-premises applications. Customers who are using OCI get access to Oracle Autonomous Database and a whole range of database services that can be adapted to any use cases and any modern workload that exists today.

Watch this on-demand session to learn about the different database cloud services running on OCI. We also look at the specific features and capabilities of each service, as well as the optimal use cases.

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Next generation data management

Oracle Autonomous Database is a next generation data management platform running on Oracle's second-generation cloud. It helps customers to reduce operational costs by up to 90%, enhance security and bring truly elastic price/performance to any workload. The Autonomous Database is a multi-model converged database that uses machine learning-based automation for full lifecycle management.

Watch this on-demand session to find out how the Oracle Autonomous Database can help supercharge your digital transformation projects. We look into different use cases and how customers have leveraged the unique capabilities of Oracle Autonomous Database to achieve unmatched benefits for their organizations.

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