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Oracle Certification Program

The Oracle Certification Program positions you for success in a rapidly changing technology industry. To stand out in a competitive job market, you must prove you have the skills and strong foundational knowledge using the latest Oracle products and technologies, including:





Oracle Cloud and Applications

97 percent of Fortune 500 companies run Oracle solutions!

Earning an Oracle certification empowers you with the relevant skills to effectively use this technology and add value to your organization. Decision makers know the value of IT certification and what it means to their companies. Investing in the Oracle certification process rewards your organization with motivated, productive, skilled employees who can meet the IT demands of tomorrow.

Join the 2 million plus professionals worldwide who are already Oracle certified

Oracle certification effectively validates your skills and helps you solve real-world problems you encounter on-the-job.

Credentials are granted through a combination of the following, depending on the level of certification:

  • Passing required exam(s)
  • Taking required training
  • Completing performance-based assignments

To earn an Associate, Professional, or Master certification, you’ll follow a Core track.

To earn an Expert or Specialty certification, you’ll follow a Specialty track

  • 01Oracle Certified Associate (OCA)

    An Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) has fundamental skills and foundational knowledge, with 1-2 years of experience.

  • 02Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)

    An Oracle Certified Professional (OCP) is the flagship credential of our program. This level measures a deeper, more advanced skill level. Becoming an OCP proves your abilities and strong knowledge in a specific area of Oracle technology, with 2-3 years of experience.

  • 03Oracle Certified Master (OCM)

    The Oracle Certified Master (OCM) has proven his or her ability to apply skills and knowledge to solve problems in a hands-on exam environment that mimics real-world scenarios.

  • 04Oracle Certified Expert (OCE)

    The Oracle Certified Expert (OCE) builds upon skills proven by the Oracle Certified Associate (OCA) or Professional (OCP).

Deepen & validate your expertise

Earn a Specialty Oracle certification

Academic students

Explore the Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OJA)

The newest credential within the specialty certifications is the Oracle Certified Junior Associate (OJA). This novice-level certification is designed for academic students who are studying computer science focused on Database and Java.

In addition to OCA, OCP, OCM and OCE, the Oracle Certification Program includes Specialty certifications.

Earning a Specialty certification highlights your expertise in niche-oriented technologies, architecture and domains, arming you with specialized skills and knowledge employers seek.

The Oracle Certified Specialist (OCS) validates specialized skills and knowledge about specific Oracle products. The OCS credential is ideal for technologists who would like to certify their expertise to implement, configure, and use Oracle technologies.

Both on-premise and Oracle Public Cloud implementation Specialist certifications are available.

Experience these benefits of earning an Oracle certification:

  • Share your secure digital badge to your LinkedIn Profile, Facebook Page or Twitter account to validate your professional & technical expertise.
  • Expand your marketable skills and earn recognition to attract promising employment opportunities.
  • Prove you are experienced, motivated, and committed to being the best in your field.

Now more than ever, it’s important to gain a market edge and keep your skills in demand.

Your Oracle certification proves your expertise and validates your knowledge to help you achieve new goals and take the next step in your career.

Hiring managers invest in team certification & actively recruit Oracle certification holders

Research proves certification is highly valued by today’s employers and hiring managers.

Investing in an Oracle certified workforce boosts confidence in a team. Certification empowers teams to provide a higher level of service and encourages people to work towards becoming the best in their field.

Oracle certification positions your company to be an industry leader and proves your employees are staying current with industry knowledge and skills.

Staying current also means investing in ongoing professional development, which keeps employees motivated, productive, and dedicated.

How to get Oracle certified

  • Step 1

    Explore certifications

    Choose an Oracle certification to pursue based on the technology area that interests you.

  • Step 2

    Prepare for your exam

    Prepare for your certification exam by taking recommended courses with Oracle University - both online and classroom options are available. Some certifications require training, while others do not.

  • Step 3

    Register for your exam

    Once you identify which certification to pursue and have taken any course(s) that may be required, it's time to register for your exam at your nearest Pearson Vue center.

Become Oracle certified and experience the benefits of certification.