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ERP transformation is not a destination, it’s a journey. Oracle understands that. To help CIOs make the right moves in their cloud-based ERP transformation, Oracle has done a deep analysis, including CIO interviews, best practices, and more.

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Smart planning

How's your relationship with your CFO?

The CIO-CFO dynamic is changing. It's a critical partnership for any ERP transformation journey that must balance demands for better financial reporting, business process change and cloud migration.

Read the findings from our CIO interviews (PDF)

The Challenges of ERP Digital Transformation

Oracle has been talking to CIOs at large companies in various industries about the challenges of ERP transformation.

These include:

  • Strategic Value: asserting the ERP transformation's important to their company's performance, strategy and business cases.
  • Implementation: understanding which part/s of the business should own the project and be responsible for rolling it out.
  • Pace of change: ensuring you transform at the right speed to keep up in a disrupted market.
  • Innovation: gauging how technologically innovative you'd like your ERP transformation to be.
  • Risk: assessing the risks being taken by IT and the board, how to mitigate them, and whether they're outweighed by the benefits.
  • Scale and coverage: confirming whether to move all ERP systems to the cloud, or be more gradual and keep some on company premises.

ERP event highlights — Collaboration and partnerships fuel innovation

Fueling innovation with Cloud ERP

Successful transformation relies on strong data-driven insights Discover how Oracle Fusion ERP Analytics can help.

Transforming business operations with connected planning

CFOs can support CIOs to transform business operations. Discover how in the Connected Planning Virtual Summit.

Starting your journey

Smarter implementation planning

Smarter implementation planning

Minimising disruption while migrating to the cloud can be a challenge.

Discover how this CIO minimised disruption during an acquisition (PDF)

You might be burdened by legacy systems that are no longer fit to use, causing inefficiencies that hold your business back in a fast-moving environment. Oracle understands, and can help you make the first moves in a complex but worthwhile transformation journey.

Preparing for a new ERP era

The sheer number of technological and business processes, and organisational decisions at the start of an ERP transformation can feel overwhelming − even for the most experienced CIO. When transforming creaking and inefficient legacy ERP systems, early decisions on the project will often be among the most important ones. These decisions will likely include how to mitigate risks during the ERP transformation, deciding which business processes should move first to the new system, and getting budget sign off.

Managing and mitigating risks
ERP transformation is a "risky business", but this CIO found a way to reduce risk with detailed timelines and gradual rollouts.

Read the story (PDF)

ERP event highlights — Collaboration is key to ERP transformation

How CFOs and CIOs should work together

Early collaboration between CIOs and CFOs is key to successful transformation. This and more was discussed in this IDC roundtable.

Boosting Digital Resilience and InnovationOracle Cloud ERP and industry partnerships can better prepare you for future change.

Ready to get started?

Overcoming boardroom skepticism

One CIO reveals how they handled tensions with their CFO while keeping their shift to the cloud moving.

Discover how this CIO managed the c-suite (PDF)

Scaling your transformation

When your current ERP can't support your growth or allow you to be agile, it's time to turn to the cloud. Yet, it is a challenge to ensure the whole business understands the value of ERP transformation. To remedy this, CIOs can pinpoint specific problems and project the benefits cloud could bring - all while thinking broadly enough to answer everyone's needs and enable total transformation later.

Don't over promise, over deliver
How one CIO kept the ERP transformation of a transport infrastructure on track despite delays and boardroom question marks.

See the article (PDF)

ERP event highlights — Planning for a post-pandemic future

Supply chain comes full circle

Logistics infrastructures will never be the same after the pandemic—they'll be smart and more flexible. This and more was discussed at the recent International Supply Chain Conference.

The future of digital infrastructure is Cloud

Cloud computing is fast becoming the standard for new IT systems, and key to digital transformation. See the findings from the recent IDC Cloud Roadshow

Total ERP transformation

Speed up transformation

Dedicated teams speed up transformation

One CIO said purpose-built teams, strong boardroom backing and realistic budgeting are critical to transforming fast.

Read their ERP transformation story (PDF)

Pandemic upheaval, growing competition from startups, boardroom pressure to accelerate digital transformation and lessons learnt from supply chain upheaval are just some of the challenges businesses face. Sometimes only total transformation of your ERP is enough to overcome them and ensure long-term agility and resilience. However, with great challenge comes great opportunity.

This section details how CIOs can transform their ERP to a tight mainframe - maximizing innovation and return on investment, while minimizing business disruption and risk. All so you can set your business up with a backbone of continuous innovation and thrive on it for years to come.

Doing more, faster
This CIO wanted four years to complete their ERP transformation, but was given two.

Discover how they faced the challenge (PDF)

ERP event highlights — Hear from CFOs and supply chain leaders

Supply chains shifting to digital transformation

After the pandemic, it's time to make supply chains more resilient to adversity. Read the full discussion at the International Supply Chain Conference.

Succeeding with Automated Financial Planning

Automated cloud-based financial planning can boost performance and cut risk. This and more was discussed at the UKI CFO Exchange.

Next steps

Oracle is committed to supporting IT leaders on their ERP transformation journey. Visit our ERP transformation self-assessment tool to get personalised advice on how to smoothen your ERP cloud modernisation with Oracle.

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