Smart, Connected Government

With a connected, secure Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can increase productivity, focus on frontline services, and connect more closely with the citizens that you serve – while ensuring technology investments are as cost-effective as they are innovative.

Oracle Value Realisation

Finance and HR Unified in the Cloud for Local Government

Local Government Transformation

Modernise and Innovate

Cloud-first is the lead option for smart, connected local government. The agile and adaptive Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables rapid, high performance access to key applications and data from any device – putting the citizen at the centre of operations.

Agile, Connected Services

You need to be ready for what comes next. The agile, connected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure puts innovation at the heart of your local services delivery. By becoming intelligent and integral, you can improve decision-making, adapt at pace, compete for top talent, and connect with the citizens that you serve.

A Trusted, Secure Digital Infrastructure

Data is the foundation to every aspect of your operations. The security-first Oracle Cloud Infrastructure applies rigorous organisational, architectural, and operational security to ensure you meet data protection regulations and good practice, with less risk and at lower cost.

Built for the Future

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and applications put modern technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) at the heart of your operations. With agility on your side, you can adapt more quickly to tomorrow’s policy and operational challenges, liberate resources to focus on front-line local services, and concentrate on what matters most: delivering exceptional, value-based service to citizens.

Creating a better future for the Public Health sector

Operational Efficiency

Connect and automate local government processes across finance, HR, and procurement using a unified, agile, and adaptive Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Liberate resources to increase productivity, focus on front-line services, and connect more closely with the citizens that you serve.

Better Informed Financial Decisions

Too often, finance is focused on routine tasks like transaction processing, when it should be a strategic partner, efficiently managing key financial activities, maximising income, and defining new operating models. Oracle takes your finance function into the future, automating processes and revealing insights, releasing resources for financial analysis and planning, accelerating the financial close, and improving operational decision-making.

Make Work More Human

Connect every local government HR process – including talent management, workforce management, and payroll. Create the experiences your teams expect, using familiar technologies that empower them to do their best work. Help them engage more easily with HR, using self-service innovations such as a voice-based user interface and digital assistants.

Take Control of Procurement

Your organisation is responsible for significant public expenditure. Oracle can help you maintain efficient control of procurement and the supply chain, with a single, centralised procure-to-pay platform. Achieve complete procurement visibility, automate authorisations, and achieve best value, while enhancing economic, social, and environmental wellbeing.


Enabling the Frontline

Rising citizen expectations and economic challenges are driving local government to rethink frontline public services delivery. Modern, connected, digital public services enable your organisation to better engage with citizens, create near real-time insights, and manage the effective and efficient execution of services.

Access to More Services

Today’s citizens expect their digital public services engagement to mirror their experience in the private sector. With Oracle you can deliver fast, intuitive, self-service government. Mine all your available data, predict moments of need using modern technologies like AI, and engage citizens at the right time through the right channel to exceed their expectations.

Understand More

Gather everything you know about your citizen into a single profile to personalise every aspect of their modern public services experience. Deliver tailored content and communications through an agile asset hub and an intelligent content management platform.


Smarter Decisions

You want your local government decisions to be informed by data-driven insights. But how do you determine what data is valuable and what’s just noise? Oracle gives you comprehensive business intelligence with embedded machine learning and AI, so you can trust your data to support smarter predictions and better citizen outcomes.

Optimise Data Investments

Imagine putting all of the data accumulating across your local authority to work. Thanks to emerging technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and cloud, you can. Only Oracle embeds data across all areas of the organisation and IT stack. Oracle applications all share the same data model so data flows freely across all your processes for complete, shared, and informed insights.

Manage Big Data Analytics

Your organisation deals in data of vast volumes, variety, and velocity. And with Oracle, you can advance your analytical capabilities. Using automated lifecycle management and one-click security, Big Data Cloud is designed to optimally and securely run a wide variety of big data workloads and technologies while simplifying operations.


Ensure Cloud Sovereignty

The new Oracle Dual-Region government cloud is the first and only true sovereign cloud dedicated to UK local government. Designed in collaboration with multiple UK government and defence ministries, the UK Dual-Region goes beyond data protection, delivering the trusted cloud infrastructure you need to accelerate digital change and innovate at the pace of industry.

Accelerating Innovation in Government

Ensuring Cloud Sovereignty; Beyond Protecting Data

The new Oracle Dual-Region government cloud is aligned to the cloud security principles outlined by the National Cyber Security Centre. The two UK-based data regions are built on a highly resilient network, offering robust disaster recovery capabilities and infrastructure that provides full support for enterprise-grade OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE workloads.

A centralised, security-cleared, UK-based operations team, aligned to the government Secure Remote Support model, ensures expert, rapid issue escalation and resolution, without compromising the integrity of the sovereign model.

High Resilience, Disaster Recovery, and Security

The two paired regions are connected via a highly resilient, private high-speed backbone. The operations and network connections are isolated from other commercial worldwide Oracle Cloud regions.

Based on Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture, the Dual-Region government cloud offers disaster recovery and high resilience outside of a single blast zone without any security and compliance degradation.

Delivering Great Value, Faster

UK local government can take advantage of the sovereignty and security without incurring additional premiums for infrastructure services. Oracle offers global pricing for all data centres worldwide, whereby all commercial and government cloud infrastructure pricing remains common, low, and predictable.

The new Oracle Dual-Region government cloud is available from various sources to streamline procurement, including system integrators and reseller partners, the G-Cloud CCS Framework, and The Memorandum of Understanding.


Our Customers


Archie Gleave, Program Director, Shared Services Connected Limited

“I was really impressed with the Oracle partnership. Being able to interact directly with the Oracle team means we have tech professionals to support us around the clock with any issues. It’s a very positive engagement.”


Hamant Bharadia, Assistant Director of Finance, Lambeth Council

“We moved to Oracle Cloud two years ago to standardise and simplify processes across the Council. We are now creating a digital network within which emerging local businesses can thrive.”

“We are using data analytics to better understand how our services are delivered, with a focus on continual improvement.”

“One of the reasons for moving to Oracle Cloud was to take out many of the customisations from our on-premise environment. Now, when new hires join the Council, everything is standardised. There are fewer processes to learn so managers and staff can devote more time to supporting residents’ needs.”


Imre Berger, Professor and Director, University of Bristol

“Our ambition is to create a platform to react quickly to disease, which involves the creation of terabytes of imaging data. Using Oracle Cloud, we can distribute the data across multiple processors and get results in a fraction of the time of a traditional on-premise system.”

Royal Holloway

Saswata Hier-Majumder, Reader in Geophysics, Royal Holloway, University of London

“Using the Oracle Cloud, we can simulate carbon capture sequestration scenarios, address complex environmental problems, and drive meaningful change in the world.”

Royal Holloway, University of London

Simplify, Standardise, and Execute your Evolution to Cloud

Oracle is the only company that provides a comprehensive set of cloud choices—including public cloud, Cloud@Customer, and on-premises—so you can choose the solution that’s right for your organization.

Oracle Software as a Service

Oracle offers a wide range of cloud-based application services, or software as a service (SaaS), pre-built to meet your individual needs. They enable organisations to automate a wide variety of business functions, including human resources operations, enterprise planning, financial management, supply chain management, and more.

Oracle Platform as a Service

Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) supports UK local government with Oracle Cloud Database and Oracle Exadata Cloud Service. It also includes Oracle Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE), Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry for Docker Containers, digital assistants, and more.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) lets you quickly create and manage full-featured Oracle database systems in the cloud. OCI offers single-node DB systems on either bare metal or virtual machines, and 2-node RAC DB systems on virtual machines. Oracle OCI is the only off-premises Government Community Cloud to support Oracle RAC.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) supports is ideally suited to local government, providing higher performance with lower total cost of ownership than on-premises and other cloud providers for compute workloads for Oracle Middleware, analytics, application, and general workloads.

Governments can use this model to shift some or all of their use of on-premises or collocated data centre infrastructure to the cloud, where it is owned and managed by Oracle. These infrastructure elements include compute, network, and storage hardware as well as other components and software.

Oracle fit for purpose application deployment on Oracle OCI includes support for PeopleSoft, Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Siebel, and Hyperion. These can be deployed to OCI.

Technology for Government Cloud Innovation

Oracle Analytics Server deployed in OCI Compute brings the modern, industry-leading capabilities of Oracle Analytics Cloud to customers requiring on-premises deployments. Agencies can now leverage augmented analytics with AI/ML capabilities and world-class data discovery capabilities.

Oracle Blockchain products deployed in OCI Compute allows customers to set up an enhanced Hyperledger Fabric, member-governed blockchain for secure, real-time data sharing, and trusted transactions among business partners. Start developing and deploying smart contract applications in minutes.

Oracle Identity and Access Management can be federated with Oracle Government Cloud Regions.

Public Sector Blogs and Thought Leadership

Connecting Business Planning for Police Forces in the UK

Police Forces across the UK battle daily to reduce crime rates and the fear of crime, whilst facing relentless pressure to continually adapt to the changing nature of criminality and rising citizen expectations.As public services are put under enormous strain by the challenge of COVID-19 and the need to mark hard budget prioritisation decisions, means the funding outlook for policing looks rather tough.

Recovery and renewal - making progress towards a data driven NHS

The NHS faces a very different task to the one imagined when the five-year funding deal was agreed back in 2018. Responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, including tackling a rising treatment backlog, is likely to require substantial additional investment.

Modernising healthcare services – the role of financial planning

In 1942 William Beveridge, the architect of the post-war welfare state, suggested that spending on healthcare would decrease when free medical treatment was introduced for all at the point of use.

Oracle helps Merseyside Police provide excellent policing services

Merseyside Police, the regional police force in Merseyside, North West England and responsible for approximately 1.5 million of the UK population, are making pioneering investments in Cloud technology.

Behind the scenes efficiencies driving frontline care

NEP's move to the latest technology has enabled their clients with the benefits of a ‘True Cloud offering’ a “digital first solution” across its client base. This has meant more than just expanding the remit of current technology solutions, it supports frontline staff and back-office services with the best available technology to do their job efficiently and effectively. Not just for today, but ensuring they have the best for years to come.

Universities are looking towards financial sustainability – light at the end of the tunnel?

Most universities are not like typical commercial organisations. But they are becoming more business-like. They need to be managed on a financially sustainable basis. Every successful university needs a strategy, which identifies what it exists for and how it can add value through the work it does.

What do higher education leaders need to know about the cloud?

In 2019 the Department for Education published an ‘EdTech Strategy’. The strategy flagged that, all too often, technology enabled business change across the education sector failed to deliver value for money or the benefits sought.

Oracle helps UK lift economy, citizen experience with launch of two more cloud regions

We have announced that Oracle is expanding its cloud computing presence in the UK, with a new dedicated dual-region government cloud region and a second commercial cloud region in Newport, Wales.

The cloud is our greatest weapon when faced with disruption

As new challenges arrive every day, some of the most important questions for business leaders are these: What will it take to compete? And what decisions do you need to take today, to fare better tomorrow?

Securing the future of higher education

Oracle is working with higher education institutions across the UK, helping them to reveal vital financial and operational data, contributing to better decision making and helping them to prepare for new accountability requirements in areas like risk assessment, health and safety and human resource development.

Higher education plans for an uncertain future

There is no doubt that higher education leaders must confront complex and far-reaching questions. What will be the duration and scale of the disruption caused by social distancing? Will blended learning become the new normal? To what extent will student numbers fluctuate? Will government invest in universities and research at the same level? And what will be the consequences for university finances?

The future is already here – how do we understand and plan for it?

Every aspect of government’s work - decision taking and policy making, spending and regulation, action and implementation - involves some degree of risk. Governments then face a relentless series of emergencies, including periodic outbreaks of infectious disease, the aftermath of terrorist attacks and global financial and economic crises. The affects are acutely felt at a local level, where councils and their partners are responsible for delivering services to the most vulnerable.

Much more than buying a paper clip – rethinking the government supply chain

Every day public servants buy the goods and services they need to deliver front line services. The range of these services is vast – from laptops to locum doctors, medicines to laundry services. They seek to gain the best value possible from suppliers, realising economic benefits that might be reinvested in frontline services. The availability and quality of the goods and services make a vital contribution to meeting the diverse and changing needs of citizens.

Havering and Newham, bringing the clouds together

Serving over 600,000 residents between them, Havering and Newham councils represent diverse and varied communities. To ensure that the both councils were building services that were efficient, transparent and provided the best services possible for our communities, they decided to embark upon a joint project to move our core business functions to the cloud.

Oracle Cloud Migration Factory

For the First and Only Dedicated, Compliant, and Truly Sovereign Cloud in the UK. On the 20th October we announced the launch of Oracle’s new dual-region government cloud, which provides public sector organisations with unmatched security, local compliance, performance, adaptability and cost-savings. The new region forms part of Oracle’s commitment to providing the government with enterprise grade cloud services, in line with the global roll out of Oracle Gen2 Cloud.

Connecting Business Planning for Police Forces in the UK

Police Forces across the UK battle daily to reduce crime rates and the fear of crime, whilst facing relentless pressure to continually adapt to the changing nature of criminality and rising citizen expectations.As public services are put under enormous strain by the challenge of COVID-19 and the need to mark hard budget prioritisation decisions, means the funding outlook for policing looks rather tough.

Improving the UK government’s capability to handle risk and uncertainty in a volatile world

Governments have always played a critical role in the protection of their citizens from risks. Risks vary, from national security through to financial resilience. The difference now is that the world is more networked and interdependent. An integrated global economy has brought huge opportunities, but it also means that citizens are more vulnerable, to an economic crisis on the other side of the world or diseases carried by air travellers.

New York State Builds Rapid Contact Center Solution in Four Days

When the coronavirus hit New York hard in March 2020, the state realized citizen services would quickly be swamped and critical constituent needs would not be met. State leaders needed a way to quickly add new call center agents, and also needed to divert a significant percentage of calls to self-service.

Powering Government Insights through Data

Most public sector organizations want to focus on their core mission rather than perform routine IT maintenance activities. They want to be proactive, not reactive. They want to make data-driven decisions, not anecdotal ones.

To get there, public sector agencies need to stop being data rich and information poor. How? They can instead become information rich by analyzing and understanding what the enormous amount of data collected from the systems built over the past few decades is actually telling them.