Communications Infrastructure

Oracle Enterprise Communications—Communications Infrastructure

Increase Network Agility

Deliver secure, reliable, end-to-end IP communications across multivendor unified communications and contact center systems.

Secure, Reliable, and Interoperable

Fraud and Compliance
Fraud and Compliance icon Fraud and Compliance

Is your network at risk for communications fraud or non-compliance?

Identify and stop hackers before they can use your network to commit fraud. Enforce compliance and recording policies when and where required.

Converged Communications
Converged Communications icon Converged Communications

How do I integrate and manage a heterogeneous, multivendor communications network?

A vendor-neutral communications infrastructure streamlines operations, improves network agility, and delivers seamless, end-to-end services across a multivendor network.

Contact Center Optimization
Contact Center Optimization icon Contact Center Optimization

Planning a transition from traditional to modern networks for your contact centers?

A redundant highly scalable and reliable network ensures services for customers and agents, while home agents serve customers through cost-effective web connections.

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