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Oracle Hospitality for Food and Beverage—Kitchen Display Systems

Simplify Kitchen Workflow

Oracle Hospitality Kitchen Display Systems (KDS) simplify kitchen communication and processes, increasing kitchen efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing food quality and speed of service.

Kitchen Display Systems Screen Shot

View orders in a variety of display options, define separate preparation times for appetizers and entrees, and monitor the status of each table.

Simphony Kitchen Display System

Seamless Kitchen Communication

  • Displays orders for preparation and monitors timing for meal delivery
  • Increases restaurant efficiency and enhances kitchen communication
  • Measures the complete guest experience
  • Real-time kitchen performance reporting
  • Increases speed of service for superior guest experience and enhanced meal quality
  • Available for Oracle Hospitality RES 3700, Oracle Hospitality Simphony, and Oracle Hospitality Simphony First Edition
Customer Success Stories
Margaritas Mexican Restaurants Increase Kitchen Efficiency

With Oracle Kitchen Display, we can analyze how to move at a faster pace so we can advance the things we need to get done.

— Hugo Marin, President, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant
Customer Success Stories
Oracle Helps Organize Chefs at Wagamama
The [kitchen display] system has…been fantastic in the way that it's helped us organize our chefs—the ticket will only appear when they need to start cooking it.
—Steve Mangleshot, Executive Chef, Wagamama

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