Oracle WebLogic Server

Oracle WebLogic Server is a unified and extensible platform for developing, deploying and running enterprise applications, such as Java, for on-premises and in the cloud. WebLogic Server offers a robust, mature, and scalable implementation of Java Enterprise Edition (EE) and Jakarta EE.

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WebLogic Server Standard Edition

Simplified management for development

Quick installers provide a lightweight distribution and a flexible choice in integrated development environments (IDEs) for Java EE and Jakarta EE development. Complete integration with Java EE and certification on Java SE support the latest developer innovations.

Improved performance and reliability

Performance optimizations and self-tuning capabilities meet service levels with fewer servers and resources to manage, all at lower cost. Support for Java EE 8, the latest Java EE version with new APIs for modern enterprise applications. Servlet 4.0 includes HTTP/2 support, offering improved application performance with compatibility for existing Web applications.

Powerful manageability, monitoring, and scalability

Built-in management, diagnostic, and automation tools increase operational efficiency and provide a choice of where to deploy. Certified to run on Docker and CRI-O containers, as well as on Kubernetes, both on-premises and in public clouds.

WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition

Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition includes all of Oracle WebLogic Server Standard Edition, plus proven clustering technology, cross-domain management, and comprehensive diagnostic tooling.

Reduce time to market

With WebLogic Server, ease of enterprise Java development for both the cloud and microservices environments has never been faster. Built-in support for industry standards and a powerful set of APIs shorten development time, reduce application complexity, and improve application performance.

Automated failover

Clustering provides seamless migration and failover from one server to another, ensuring continuous operation for business-critical applications and services.

Java Mission Control and Java Flight Recorder

Enable users to record Java Virtual Machine Events (JVM) events with an in-memory buffer that can be persisted for post-incident analysis.

Oracle WebLogic Suite

Oracle WebLogic Suite provides high security, availability, and scalability to meet the most demanding enterprise requirements. As a robust application server, WebLogic excels at database transaction handling, JMS and EJB support, as well as all-in-one clustering.

WebLogic Suite includes all of Oracle WebLogic Server Enterprise Edition plus:

Oracle Coherence Enterprise Edition allows organizations to predictably scale business and consumer applications by providing fast and reliable access to frequently used data. By automatically and dynamically partitioning data in memory across multiple servers, Oracle Coherence enables continuous data availability and transactional integrity, even in the event of a server failure.

Active GridLink for Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) and connectivity with Oracle Database RAC and all of iAS Enterprise Edition.

Effortless integration

WebLogic Server is integrated with Oracle products and technologies, including Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle Applications, as well as many of the cloud platform and SaaS services on Oracle Cloud. It provides optimal performance, flexibility and availability of custom applications developed on Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle’s middleware, application, and cloud services portfolio.

Full Java EE and Jakarta EE implementation

Tested and tuned by Oracle to provide the best performance and foundation for running Java applications, Oracle applications and other enterprise applications.

Oracle RAC support

Active GridLink for Oracle RAC integrates Oracle WebLogic Server and Oracle RAC for maximum performance and reliability.

WebLogic Server customer successes

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CERN Uses Kubernetes to Reduce WebLogic Deployment Time

Oracle WebLogic Server use cases

  • Modernize Java EE applications

    With WebLogic Server, deploy tooling that provides Docker provisioning support while the operator provides Kubernetes administration capabilities.

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  • Run Java applications in the cloud

    Move existing on-premises Java applications to the cloud using Oracle WebLogic Server for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for better performance at lower cost.

  • Build Java microservices

    Helidon leverages standards-based MicroProfile APIs for modern, cloud native Java applications using functional programming.

March 30, 2020

Announcing Oracle WebLogic Server 14.1.1

Will Lyons, Senior Director, Product Management, Oracle

Oracle WebLogic Server 14.1.1 is a new major version, adding support for Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (EE) 8 and Java SE 8 and 11. It is supported on-premises and in the cloud, including support and tooling for running Oracle WebLogic Server in containers and Kubernetes and certification on Oracle Cloud.

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