Product tour—Oracle Fusion Cloud Fleet Management

Complete and integrated fleet management

Streamline and integrate fleet management processes

Oracle Fleet Management provides broad and deep capabilities to manage both private and dedicated fleet resources. This approach eliminates the need to have multiple transportation systems consuming your single transportation budget.

Manage operations across carrier, private, and dedicated fleet resources

Combine relevant data from multiple entities, geo-spatial information, and time-based views using an intuitive and appealing workspace.

Make changes quickly

Assign a shipment to a driver using simple drag-and-drop actions.

Easily adjust driver assignments and start times

Receive visual information about a driver’s current assignments and where gaps and availabilities are during the day, and add new assignments as needed.

Assign and move shipments on the map

Assign unplanned orders to a shipment using drag-and-drop actions, and use the map to identify nearby candidate shipments or move shipment stops.

Consolidate and optimize shipment assignments

Consolidate shipments efficiently and manage trailer configuration with Oracle Fusion Cloud Transportation Management’s 3D packing configuration tool.

Efficiently manage stop sequencing

Optimize capacity using built-in weight and measurement considerations, making it more efficient to manage stop sequencing.

Optimize multi-compartment equipment

Place products in specific compartments depending on the required cargo conditions. For example, milk is loaded into the refrigerated compartment, while paper towels are placed in the ambient one.

Monitor traffic and weather incidents

Monitor your transportation network at all times using real-time maps that include traffic incidents and weather displays.

Real-time transit information

Track your shipments with real-time data that shows exactly where your goods are at any moment.

Intuitive visual event management

Track, trace, and receive route and status information.

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