Oracle Servers


Your path to a modern,
cloud-ready infrastructure.

Oracle servers provide you with the secure IT infrastructure required to transform your business, from database and analytics to your most critical applications. Securely deploy the services you need to stay competitive, on premises or in the cloud.

Cloud Without Compromise

Innovative cloud security, enterprise reliability

Oracle servers are built for cloud, powering Oracle’s own public cloud infrastructure in data centers around the world. They deliver extreme performance and scale with unique security features designed specifically for cloud services. They are engineered to provide the reliability that enterprises depend upon to run their most important applications on premises or in any cloud environment.

Deploy Anywhere

Flexible deployment models

Hear how Oracle designs systems for all the deployment models you care about by engineering cloud services through hardware innovation.


Why Choose

Oracle Servers?

Deploy cloud applications on modern infrastructure that is engineered to be secure and reliable. Boost your on-premises infrastructure using servers with exceptional performance and scalability for any type of workload.

These powerful servers let you modernize your infrastructure and pave a clear path to the cloud. By providing the flexibility of different deployment models—on premises, private cloud, and public cloud—you get an exact match of technologies no matter how you choose to deploy them.



    Mitigate threats.

    Protect your infrastructure with cloud-ready security features built into firmware such as verified boot and firmware integrity checking.



    Freedom of choice.

    Oracle servers are available with multiple processor architectures and industry-standard operating systems, and include in memory-, compute-, and storage-optimized shapes.



    Simplify management.

    Leverage your existing application and database investments while simplifying administration and accelerating service delivery.



    Improve throughput.

    Coengineered hardware and software deliver breakthrough performance to accelerate compute-intensive tasks.

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Engineered for the Cloud

We deliver a cloud platform they can scale massively and is reliable. SPARC, in contrast to other chips, doesn’t break, it just keeps going.

— c. Joe Grosse, Partner, IS Nordic (a leading PaaS provider)

Discover More

Boost Security for Database Management
Boost Security for Database Management

Introducing the most secure two-socket x86 system for Oracle Database with SAN/NAS environments.

Consolidation reduces TCO
Consolidation reduces TCO

BFS reduces loan risks and accelerates loan decisions with 20 percent performance improvement and 80 percent more storage space.

SPARC T8 and M8 Architecture
SPARC T8 and M8 Architecture

Better performance and protection against intrusions with end-to-end security, and breakthrough efficiency to lower the cost of deploying enterprise workloads.

Server Products

Oracle SPARC Servers

Scalability, security, and speed

Oracle SPARC enterprise servers deliver seamless scalability, effortless security, and breakaway performance for enterprise, database, Java, and analytics applications.

Oracle x86 Systems

The best x86 architecture for Oracle software

Only Oracle provides an optimized hardware and software stack that offers a choice of OS, virtualization software, and cloud management tools—all at no extra charge.

Fujitsu SPARC Servers

High-performance RAS for mission-critical workloads

A flexible, modular architecture of processor building blocks that scales incrementally to support enterprise applications and cloud computing.

Netra SPARC Servers

Fast, rugged, and secure servers for specific industry needs

Purpose-built servers for telecommunications, embedded industrial, public sector, cloud, and on-premises infrastructures. Oracle is the only major vendor to provide a complete, carrier-grade, rackmount server product line.

Oracle Rack Cabinets

Optimized for vertical density

Ideal for a variety of data center environments, Oracle’s robust and cost-effective family of racks mimics the look of your latest Oracle servers and storage products.

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