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Oracle Customer Success—Asia Commercial Bank

Asia Commercial Bank

Asia Commercial Bank Processes Daily Closing up to 4x Faster, Increases Storage Capacity by 3x, and Cuts Hardware Investment Costs by 30%


We chose Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance over IBM because Oracle Database runs best on Oracle hardware, enabling us to process daily closing up to 4x faster, increase storage capacity by 3x, and reduce overall hardware investment costs by 30% over the next three years.

— Ho Thai Truong Giang, IT Director, Asia Commercial Bank

Established in 1993, Asia Commercial Bank (ACB) is one of the largest private banks and most technologically advanced financial institutions in Vietnam. It operates 346 branches and provides retail and commercial banking services, including term deposits, credit card, loans, financial services, import and export finance, trade finance global payment, and guarantee services, to more than 4 million customers nationwide. ACB was the country’s first bank to implement a data warehouse.
Business Challenge
  • Support faster decision-making by reducing time to extract, transfer, and load (ETL) data from the core banking and other systems into data warehouse and enable business users to generate faster reports, such as branches’ revenue and regulatory reports
  • Increase storage capacity to support rapid customer-transaction growth, such as credit cards and business loans
  • Reduce IT investment costs over the next three years by deploying a high-performing and scalable server-virtualization environment
  • Saved 30% hardware-investment costs by replacing legacy IBM server and storage for data warehouse and business intelligence system with highly scalable and competitively-priced Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to improve storage capacity by 3x—24TB instead of 8TB—and support future growth without additional licensing costs for database and storage
  • Halved server-virtualization costs by using a single Oracle VM Server for SPARC instead of two virtual machines to ensure scalability for daytime data-access and nightly batch jobs, and enable rapid deployment of virtual server to other IT projects
  • Processed batches for daily closing balance for customer accounts, such as checking and savings accounts, up to 4x faster—in 15 minutes instead of up to an hour—by using SPARC T5-8’s powerful processor to rapidly scan 396 million records in less than a second rather than taking up to five minutes with an IBM server
  • Enabled up to 4,000 users to rapidly access business intelligence dashboard and create ad-hoc reports, such as state-bank compliance reports, up to 2x faster—in four-and-a-half hours instead of taking up to eight hours—by using Oracle Database’s auto-parallel functionality with SPARC T5-8 and Oracle Solaris 11 and accelerating response time to less than six milliseconds instead of 20 milliseconds
  • Optimized storage capacity by using Oracle Database’s unique Hybrid Columnar Compression technology with Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to compress data for 296 million records by more than 5x—requiring just 20GB instead of 108GB of storage
  • Gained ability to create daily reports before 7 a.m. to support business operations by processing ETL tasks up to 10x faster and achieving 5x faster throughput than an IBM server platform—average 5GB and maximum 9GB compared to 900MB and less than 2GB respectively—thanks to SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance’s optimal storage architecture for virtualization
  • Ensured smooth banking operations by using Oracle Enterprise Manager to monitor SQL and resource management


We chose Oracle’s SPARC T5-8 server and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance over IBM because Oracle software simply runs better on Oracle hardware, accelerating our data warehouse system performance and supporting growth. Moreover, Oracle Database is the best fit for the banking industry.

— Ho Thai Truong Giang, IT Director, Asia Commercial Bank


After a two-month proof-of-concept (POC), ACB deployed SPARC T5-8 server, Oracle VM Server for SPARC, and Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance to support the growth of its data warehouse system. With assistance from Oracle, ACB rapidly resolved issues, such as system configuration, to ensure high system performance and completed the project on time and within budget.

About Asia Commercial Bank


Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam



Annual Revenue

$500 Million to $1 Billion


ACB used Oracle Partner, SV Technology JSC (SV Tech) and BeeServices, for the hardware upgrade project. SV Tech helped the bank to install physical virtual machine, with BeeServices ensuring that Oracle Database runs smoothly on SPARC T5-8.

“SV Tech is a very reliable partner, and its team ensured our seamless upgrade to a high-performing and scalable Oracle hardware platform,” Ho said. “In addition, BeeService engineers handled various test cases with great patience and professionalism during the POC, enabling us to gain a reliable and stable infrastructure.”
Published:  Nov 24, 2015