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IS Nordic Chooses SPARC to Drive Their Secure Private Cloud  background image
IS Nordic Chooses SPARC to Drive Their Secure Private Cloud

We took a normal VMware/Intel platform and when we moved it onto our platform which is based on Oracle products, we saw response times reduced by 50 percent.

—Greg Stone, CEO, IS Nordic
SPARC, Engineered for the Cloud background image
SPARC, Engineered for the Cloud

Customers are saying cloud is the way to go and we deliver that with a platform they can rely upon and scale massively and reliably. SPARC, in contrast to other chips, doesn’t break, it just keeps going.

—Joe Grosse, Partner IS Nordic, Leading Platform as a Service Provider
Tuscon Electric Power Speeds Outage Information to Customers
Our testing of Oracle’s SPARC S7 servers shows they are a perfect fit for this scale-out, highly-available, secure environment. The per core efficiency, resiliency, and outstanding performance provide a highly cost-effective platform that allows us to respond to power outages around the clock to more than 400,000 customers.
-- Scott Myers, Senior IT Systems Engineer, Tuscon Electric Power


B&H Photo Gets Faster Results with Oracle's New SPARC Servers background image
B&H Photo Gets Faster Results with Oracle's New SPARC Servers

We could get results which were about 83x faster. That's what actually encourages us to look at OLAP and OLTP on M7 as a winning formula for our customer success.

—Krishna Tangirala, Chief Technology Officer, B&H Photo Video
Siemens Eyes Dramatic Speed Up of Oracle's SPARC M7 Servers background image
Siemens Sees Dramatic Increase in Oracle's SPARC M7 Performance

To date, we have been executing 8,000 concurrent user benchmarks on the M7 in logical domains and are finding significant performance improvements, something that I haven't seen in the 10 or 12 years that I have been doing this. That's a really dramatic improvement for a single generation of platform, from T5 to M7, very impressive.

—Bill Halpin, Manager, Enterprise Test Operations, Siemens
ivv Achieves Greater Security with Oracle's SPARC T7 Systems background image
ivv Achieves Greater Security with Oracle's SPARC T7 Systems

Oracle Solaris 11 together with the SPARC systems that we use have a huge benefit in terms of encryption compared to other platforms that we host here at ivv. Oracle's integrated stack that we're using with the hardware and operating system being Solaris is a key factor for our service that we provide to our customers. SPARC together with Solaris bring us the security features that we definitely need.

—Thorsten Müehlmann, Lead Architect, Unix Systems, Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH
University Hospitals Leuven Relies on Oracle SPARC M7 Servers
University Hospitals Leuven Relies on Oracle SPARC M7 Servers

We really believe that SPARC systems are the only solution that’s suitable for handling our business and handling the growth we need.

—Reinoud Reynders, IT Manager, Infrastructure Operations, University Hospitals Leuven

SPARC Platform

SPARC Compute Cloud Service

SPARC Dedicated Compute in Oracle Cloud

Oracle Compute Cloud—Dedicated Compute Capacity—SPARC Model 300 service extends the SPARC platform to Oracle Cloud. The IaaS service runs in Oracle Cloud and takes full advantage of SPARC M7’s revolutionary Security in silicon technology and breakthrough analytics acceleration. The SPARC Model 300 service runs application, database, analytics production, and DevTest workloads much faster and with significantly less hardware and software than conventional cloud infrastructures.

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle Engineered Systems

Oracle engineered systems are architected, integrated, tested, and optimized to work together. With simplicity as its core value, Oracle MiniCluster S7-2 is an efficient engineered system that runs enterprise databases and applications with uncompromising security. Engineered for database and application consolidation, Oracle SuperCluster M7 provides the industry's most advanced security, performance, and simplicity. It combines revolutionary Oracle Database efficiency with near-zero-overhead, secure multitenancy, and a complete suite of efficiency enhancements, tools, and automation that work together to dramatically lower cost and complexity.

Oracle SPARC Servers

Scale-Out Servers

Oracle’s SPARC S7 servers extend the most advanced enterprise computing platform into scale-out applications and cloud infrastructure, with unique capabilities for information security, core efficiency and acceleration of analytics, big data, and machine learning, while offering x86 commodity cost points. Security in silicon provides effortless protection against data hacking, and full-speed, wide-key encryption allows transactions to be secured by default. Up to 1.7x better core efficiency than x86 systems lowers costs for running Java applications and databases, while hardware acceleration of data analytics delivers 10x faster time to insight.

Oracle SPARC Servers midrange

Midrange Servers

Oracle’s SPARC T7 servers are the world’s most advanced mid-range systems for enterprise workloads, with unique capabilities for information security, database and Java acceleration. Breakthrough Software in Silicon technology in Oracle’s SPARC M7 processor provides full-speed encryption, plus detection and prevention of attacks to critical data in memory. It also provides dramatic increases in performance of data analytics, and enables real time analytics to be performed on OLTP databases by accelerating Oracle Database In-Memory queries in Oracle Database 12c.

Oracle SPARC Servers high-end

High-End Servers

Oracle's SPARC M7 servers are coengineered with Oracle software, reducing the risk of deploying database and enterprise applications in business-critical environments. With redundancy built-in to all major components, and comprehensive, efficient, resource management capabilities, SPARC M7 servers achieve exceptional uptime and provide the most cost-effective modernization option for competing architectures. Secure by design, and with unique functionality for accelerating in-memory database queries, SPARC M7 servers offer unmatched efficiency for deploying enterprise workloads.

Netra SPARC Servers

Netra SPARC Servers

Oracle Netra SPARC servers provide acceleration capabilities, integrated near-zero overhead security, and ease of management for telecommunications, embedded industrial, public sector, cloud, and on-premises infrastructures.

In the Spotlight

White paper

White Paper

Advantages and Efficiencies of Oracle SPARC S7 Server Over Commodity Alternatives
Edison Group demonstrates that Oracle's SPARC S7 Servers are higher performing and more secure than x86 servers at a significantly lower cost, making them an attractive alternative for scale-out and cloud-based application workloads.


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