Oracle SPARC Servers

First Ever Converged Infrastructure in Silicon Design
Designed for Security

The First Ever Converged Infrastructure in Silicon Design

  • Extreme Performance for Database and Cloud Applications

    Running the SPARC M7 processor, the fastest in the world, SPARC T7 and M7 servers deliver industry leading performance across a wide range of applications. With 20 world record benchmarks, these new servers are proven to be fast and efficient, and accomplish more in less time for your enterprise applications and cloud services.

Siemens Eyes Dramatic Speed Up of SPARC M7 Servers background image
Siemens Sees Dramatic Increase in SPARC M7 Performance

To date, we have been executing 8,000 concurrent user benchmarks on the M7 in logical domains and are finding significant performance improvements, something that I haven't seen in the 10 or 12 years that I have been doing this. That's a really dramatic improvement for a single generation of platform, from T5 to M7, very impressive.

—Bill Halpin, Manager, Enterprise Test Operations, Siemens
ivv Achieves Greater Security with SPARC T7 Systems background image
ivv Achieves Greater Security with SPARC T7 Systems

Solaris 11 together with the SPARC systems that we use have a huge benefit in terms of encryption compared to other platforms that we host here at the ivv. Oracle's integrated stack that we're using with the hardware and operating system being Solaris is a key factor for our service that we provide to our customers. SPARC together with Solaris brings us the security features that we definitely need.

—Thorsten Müehlmann, Lead Architect, Unix Systems, Informationsverarbeitung für Versicherungen GmbH
UZ Leuven Ensures Security and Scalability with SPARC M7 Servers
University Hospitals Leuven Provide Health Records in Real Time
Network of hospitals delivers electronic records while ensuring threefold scalability and security with next-generation infrastructure.
Oracle SPARC Servers

SPARC Servers

Whether you’re running your enterprise applications on a traditional IT infrastructure or implementing cloud services, Oracle’s SPARC Servers can transform your business with advanced security, breakthrough integration, and extreme performance. Engineered to meet cyber threats head on, SPARC systems offer end-to-end data protection when you need it most. From scale-out to scale-up systems, SPARC Servers are the best for Oracle Database and Java applications and provide the greatest value for enterprise computing.

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Industry's Most Secure Servers

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Industry’s Most Secure Servers

Oracle’s SPARC T7 and M7 Servers with the world’s fastest microprocessor provide the industry’s most advanced security with deep integration from applications to chip. (PDF)

Customer Story

Customer Story

ivv Runs Applications Faster, Boosts Customer Satisfaction

Oracle's SPARC T7 servers will dramatically increase the speed and quality of services.

Video, Oracle Sofware in Silicon

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Take advantage of advanced security, extreme efficiency, and dramatic performance gains.

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