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Oracle SPARC Servers at Oracle OpenWorld 2015
SPARC Systems @ OpenWorld

October 25–29, 2015
Moscone Center, San Francisco

The Best Systems for Mission-Critical Computing
Advanced Security. Extreme Performance. Unmatched Value.

Whether you're running your enterprise applications on a traditional IT infrastructure or implementing cloud services, let Oracle’s SPARC Servers transform your business with advanced security, extreme performance, and unmatched value. Engineered to meet cyber threats head on, SPARC systems offer multilayered protection when you need it most. From scale-out to scale-up systems, SPARC Servers are the best for Oracle Database and Java applications, and with built-in virtualization provide the greatest value for enterprise computing.

City of Hope Hospital relies on Oracle
City of Hope Relies on SPARC Servers to Help Beat Cancer

City of Hope National Medical Center, recognized as a comprehensive cancer treatment center, utilizes Oracle SPARC servers running Oracle Solaris and Oracle Applications to achieve fast, efficient results. Reporting and business processes, which previously took hours to complete, now take only a few minutes running SPARC servers and the Oracle stack. (2:19)

Office Depot Optimizes ERP with SPARC and Oracle Solaris
Office Depot Optimizes ERP with SPARC and Oracle Solaris

Office Depot moved from an x86 architecture to SPARC and Oracle Solaris to gain the scalability that its previous system lacked. Running Oracle ERP on the SPARC platform increased performance, reduced complexity, and simplified their architecture. (2:13)

UZ Leuven Ready for Future Growth with SPARC T5 and Oracle Solaris
UZ Leuven Ready for Future Growth with SPARC T5 and Oracle Solaris

UZ Leuven is Belgium's largest healthcare provider. Its medical record system is utilized by 16 hospitals serving more than 7 thousand beds. After testing SPARC against competitive systems, UZ Leuven concluded that the SPARC platform provided the best performance and scalability for its database and realized a tenfold increase in throughput. (2:21)

Oracle SPARC Servers

Oracle's SPARC Servers

SPARC servers provide industry-leading price/performance, along with the highest levels of availability and security required for mission-critical applications. Comprehensive virtualization and systems management capabilities are built-in at no additional cost.

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