ironSource Effectively Scales QA
Environment with Oracle Ravello
Cloud Service

ironSource builds software and applications for a wide range of developers, device manufacturers and mobile carriers. The company has developed a leading application distribution platform, which optimizes and automates the installation process, analytics, and monetization for application developers.


The company previously found that developing and testing its installers on all combinations of operating systems and browsers was extremely challenging and time-consuming. Solutions for its trainees were limited, and relied on two methods to set up training environments, making for a static and unscalable process.


By using Oracle Ravello Cloud Service’s nested virtualization capabilities, ironSource was able to automate the development and testing process. This has led to increased quality and an ability to scale effectively without increasing costs. It allows engineers to resolve development tickets, and the system automatically creates environments through APIs for each operating system version.

Oracle Ravello Cloud Service has enabled ironSource to create over 600 replicas of customer environments that are used daily for testing.

The overall benefit to ironSource was the ability to scale effectively our QA automation infrastructure. Windows client testing in the public cloud has historically been very difficult, but Ravello has been able to provide a clear, simple solution.

Oded Priva
R&D Team Leader, ironSource Find out more

Delivery Apps Associates Accelerates
Development Time with Java Cloud Service

Delivery Apps Associates is a global systems integrator that focuses on business applications, integration, and managed services.

With Oracle Java Cloud Service, Delivery Apps Associates can spin up development environments faster, and accelerate development times.

By using Java Cloud Service we have a significant reduction in the amount of time to get our developers to get started in the application… We’re seeing roughly 25% reductions in our development time

John Schmottlach
Vice President,
Delivery Apps Associates Find out more

Keste Helps Customers Innovate
and Modernize with Oracle

Keste is an award-winning Oracle Platinum Partner that helps customers modernize their systems to drive innovation faster than ever before.

Using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Keste is able to help customers and partners modernize and increase business value—all with no on-premises deployment or maintenance costs.

The cost comes down, your database runs faster, your apps run faster… That boost is an amazing benefit to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Sri Ayyeppen
Co-founder, President, and CTO, Keste Find out more
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