Dexter Studios Cuts Storage Costs by 30x with Oracle IaaS

Dexter Studios is a film and TV production company. With exclusive visual effects technology, it aims to deliver leading VFX to clients across Asia.


Dexter Studios was looking for a stable, secure, and cost-effective way to store vast amounts of film and production data. It also needed a way to support long-term data growth and move away from its legacy tape backup approach.


Oracle Infrastructure as a Service is helping Dexter Studios significantly reduce costs, while improving data availability and security. Since adopting Oracle IaaS, Dexter Studios has cut storage costs by $253,000 per year.

Dexter Studios cut storage costs from $262 per TB to $8.7 per TB

Compared to other vendors, we found Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage Classic to offer the most cost-effective storage solution per terabyte. Oracle also provided powerful security capabilities, which is important for our media content business.

Byoung-Jung Choi
Lead VFX System Developer,
Dexter Studios Find out more

Elton Oil Gains Secure Backup
and Recovery with Oracle IaaS

Elton Oil is a retailer of petroleum products and related services based in Senegal, competing in the market for gasoline and oils with established multinationals such as Total, Shell and OiLibya.


Previously, Elton Oil was backing up its 100GB SQL database to a local hard drive. That process took a lot of manual effort, took a long time, and ultimately offered the company very little protection in the event of a data disaster.


By using Oracle Storage Cloud Service with Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance as a cloud storage gateway, Elton Oil gained the ability to backup 100GB of petroleum data in less than 20 minutes.

The company also optimised backup performance for 17 years of petroleum trading data from its JD Edwards ERP platform using only a 1mb line.

Elton Oil Gained the ability to back up 100 GB of petroleum data and compress it to 7 GB in less than 20 minutes.

We used Oracle Storage Cloud Service to back up 17 years of business data in 20 minutes. We achieved operational excellence by offering 24/7 access to secure and non-corrupt databases, even in the case of natural disasters or force majeure.

Abdoulaye Dieng
CIO, Elton Oil Company Find out more

Tippett Studio Manages Petabytes of
Data in the Oracle Storage & Archive Cloud

Tippett Studio is an Academy Award-winning visual effects company built on creating visually realistic studio effects.

With Oracle Storage and Archive Cloud, Tippett Studio gained an affordable, powerful, scalable and highly accessible way of managing petabytes of data in the cloud.

Oracle Cloud won by a mile. The affordability, the accessibility and really the stability of Oracle Cloud stood out beyond everything else and to us, it was a no-brainer

Corey Rosen
VP of Creative Marketing,
Tippett Studio Find out more

Brink’s Archive Storage Service
Moves to the Oracle Cloud

Brink’s is a secure logistics company that provides cash-in-transit and money processing.

With operations spanning across 55 countries, Brink’s chose Oracle Cloud to help streamline the processing and archiving of large amounts of sensitive client data while conforming to regulatory requirements.

As a cloud archive provider, you have to be able to handle the data at the rates I can generate it, keep it in an archive status, at a price point I can afford and provide on-demand within the service level times we need.

Bill Conroy
Global Infrastructure, Brink’s Inc. Find out more
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