Falkonry Uses Oracle Bare Metal Cloud
to Help Locate Hidden Patterns

Falkonry is an artificial intelligence company that specializes in recognizing patterns of behavior from data in real time. For example, brain seizures can be anticipated and monitored, allowing healthcare professionals to intervene in a timely fashion.

Falkonry uses Oracle Bare Metal Cloud to process huge volumes of data in very short amounts of time, using a flexible solution blending hardware and cloud technology.

We looked at Amazon Web Services and we found that the cost and performance was not quite there.

Nikunj Mehta
Founder and CEO, Falkonry Find out more

Zenotech Offers Oracle Cloud
Infrastructure to Its High-Performance
Computing Customers

Zenotech delivers innovative, High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud-based solutions for a range of clients—from aerospace giants to small engineering firms—helping them react quickly to the ever—changing computational engineering marketplace.


Some of Zenotech’s customers require special platform characteristics, including limited access, higher security, root access to operating systems and hypervisors, and hardware-level access. Many of these can be difficult or impossible to achieve in a shared cloud environment. Zenotech needed a cloud provider it could partner with to offer the isolated services and environments these customers needed.


By partnering with Oracle, Zenotech is now able to offer cloud infrastructure with predictable performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) also offers greater control over physical servers, enabling bare metal instances and rapid networking. Having seen the potential of OCI, Zenotech plans to move its own product development and internal HPC projects to the Oracle Cloud.

During benchmark tests, OCI delivered 76% of theoretical maximum efficiency when compared to a dedicated HPC system.

Our benchmarks illustrate the cloud solution can perform as well as specialized HPC systems. Oracle is investing in some of the latest hardware available anywhere in the world. By working with Oracle, the tools we offer our customers run with performance that rivals specialist HPC clusters.

Mike Turner
Product Lead, Zenotech Find out more

ai solutions

ai solutions provides solutions to the federal government and commercial entities in the US, helping with pre and post-launch support, on-station operations, and disposal for space missions.

ai solutions needed a cloud solution that could offer the performance needed to support complex interplanetary missions. It found a solution in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, one that enhances its critical applications, while also reducing costs.

OCI was the first cloud application we tried. We found that it worked so well, we didn’t search for any more.

Nick Netreba
Director of Mission Services,
ai solutions Find out more

YellowDog Utilizes Oracle Cloud
to Retain a Competitive Edge in
3D Animation Rendering

YellowDog is a British 3D animation rendering service that uses a combination of crowdsourced and public cloud provider computing resources to create a virtual supercomputer for animators.


Rendering 3D animation files into digital media is an intensive computational process. Traditionally, this process consumes from tens to thousands of hours. YellowDog’s business goal is to revolutionize the rendering process and turn around large workloads in minutes and hours, instead of days and weeks.


By harnessing the power, availability, and scalability of Oracle’s Bare Metal Cloud Service, YellowDog has built an innovative service business that leverages high performance computational processing without making the traditional capital investments in infrastructure.

Running six bare metal Oracle servers, each with 32 or 36 cores, in the Oracle Cloud was from 2 to 9.8 times more effective than using virtual machines in other public clouds when it comes to the task of 3D rendering.

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