Faster Deployment and Lower CapEx with PaaS

Mankind Pharma is one of India’s top five pharmaceutical companies. It offers a wide range of prescribed medicines, including antibiotics, antifungals, cardiovascular, and dermal, through a network of 75 carrying and forwarding agents and more than 7,500 stockists.

Mankind Pharma is a leading pharmaceutical company serving India and 15 other countries (to which it exports).


With 12,000 users across India and overseas, database performance was paramount for Mankind Pharma.

Similarly, the company’s rapid growth meant it needed a way to deploy new applications faster, and quickly train global sales reps on how to use them.


By deploying the Oracle platform and database as a service, Mankind Pharma has been able to create essential reports up to 11 times faster than before, while enhancing the user experience using Oracle Database In-Memory dual-format architecture to optimize analytic and online transaction processing (OLTP) workload performance.

Oracle’s cloud model also helped the company cut server and licensing costs by US$25,000, helping significantly reduce CapEx.

Mankind Pharma can now create analytical reports up to 11× faster.

We selected Oracle Database Cloud Service over other vendors because nothing is better than Oracle managing its own databases.

Pramod Gokhale
Chief Information Officer, Mankind Pharma

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Gaining New Enterprise Capabilities with Oracle Database Cloud

MCH Strategic Data is America’s leading compiler of education, healthcare, business, religion, and government data.

See how MCH can now deliver its data solutions to customers, and get up and running faster than ever before with the power and agility of Oracle Database Cloud.

As a small company, Oracle has provided us a development and technology environment where we can grow our business, and as we need to increase the workload on our database, we just turn up the dial.

Brian Vogelsmeier
Director of Information Technology,
MCH Strategic Data

DX Marketing Gains a Competitive Edge with Oracle Database Cloud

DX Marketing offers end-to-end marketing services ranging from research and analytics through to digital and creative, and commercial printing support.

See how DX Marketing transformed its database environment in the cloud and went from deployment to live reporting and profiling in less than a month.

We were looking for something that could house a great deal of data, was reliable, had sufficient performance, was able to scale up, and was cost-effective. We looked at some other services, but after weighing up the benefits, we went with Oracle Database Cloud Service.

Jerry Gearding
Director of Marketing Analytics, DX Marketing

Empowering Civil Solidarity with Oracle Cloud Database

Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française ( is the public broadcasting organization of the French community of Belgium, operating four television channels and several radio channels. initiated a nonprofit charity organization, CAP48. One of CAP48’s fundraising activities is Golf48: an invitational golf tournament with golf professionals also in attendance to raise money for the benefit of persons with disabilities and their families.


With only 30 volunteers, organizing a first-class golf tournament was a challenge. An online signup portal needed to be created, and it needed to guarantee a seamless, secure experience.

Volunteers also needed to easily access the database from anywhere and at any time to share data and registration reports with sponsors and suppliers.


Using Oracle Database Cloud Service as a central storage place for fundraising information, volunteers could collect participant and payment details without exposing potential attendees to any security-related risks.

The solution also helped volunteers rapidly develop and deploy online registration forms, saving the organization tens of hours of work.

We chose Oracle because we have an excellent in-house knowledge of both Oracle Database and Oracle Application Express. We wanted to leverage the possibility of exploiting them in the cloud.

Thierry Gaudier
Database Advisor, Radio Télévision Belge de la Communauté Française (

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Faster Development, Lower Costs, and Better Service at Goodus

Goodus is Korea’s leading IT solution provider, specializing in delivering technical expertise for outsourcing services—including network maintenance, onsite support, infrastructure management, and cloud migration services.

With increased customer demand for its
in-house-developed network-management solution, Goodus’s legacy environment made it hard for developers to enable different testing scenarios. The company needed a flexible cloud solution to improve application development efficiency, reduce costs, and support growth.


Goodus’s network-management solution has proven popular with customers, but the company’s current legacy .NET framework systems haven’t been able to keep up with the demand.

Developers were finding it difficult and time-consuming to enable different testing scenarios, and needed a more flexible solution to improve efficiency and support growth.


By migrating to Oracle Database Cloud Service, Goodus could rapidly create and modify business applications in real time with Oracle Application Express. It also reduced maintenance costs thanks to Oracle’s subscription-based pricing for cloud services.

The decision to move to Oracle’s cloud services enabled developers to quickly deploy applications without incurring hardware cost burdens, and empowered the organization to accelerate responses to changing customer business requirements.

By adopting Oracle Public Cloud Services rather than a Microsoft offering, we gained the ability to develop and test our applications in real time, and access to various functions of Oracle Database. This enabled us to respond faster to customer needs and support global growth opportunities.

Sang-Hyun Jeon
Vice President, Goodus

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Real-Time Insight and Lower Total Cost of Ownership with PaaS

Pricerite Stores is Hong Kong’s largest home-furnishing specialist, offering a wide range of products—including furniture, home textiles, household goods, do-it-yourself products, home appliances, and audio/video products—via its comprehensive network of retail stores and distribution channels.

Pricerite delivers home furnishing products to customers across Hong Kong, and works directly with manufacturing partners and its extensive sourcing network in China to optimize value for its customers. To continue growing, Pricerite needed a way to scale point-of-sale solutions, empower managers to analyze critical data, and get to market faster.


Pricerite is growing, and needed a way to scale POS and warehouse-management systems to support continued business growth.

Pricerite managers also needed a way to quickly analyze data and respond to changing business conditions with greater agility. The company also wanted to get to market faster and streamline administrative processes.


Using Oracle Database Cloud Service, Pricerite has been able to improve time to market by enabling developers to provision databases for the POS system in one hour instead of weeks. It also helps developers rapidly deploy applications between on-premises and private cloud environments.

With Oracle PaaS, the company was also able to reduce capital expenditures and eliminate the burden of SQL tuning with Oracle’s cloud tools, while accelerating development and automating administration tasks such as patching, upgrades, backup, and recovery.

We selected Oracle Database Cloud Service and Oracle Database In-Memory over other vendors because of their superior performance, stability, and easy implementation. Also, no other vendors in the market can match Oracle’s cloud tools, so Oracle was clearly the right choice for us.

Brian Hui
Head of IT, Pricerite Stores

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Tata Power Reduces Backup Times and Restores Critical Data 8× Faster

Tata Power Delhi Distribution (Tata Power-DDL) is a subsidiary of Tata Group, providing electricity to 7 million consumers in Delhi’s North and Northwest. The company recently transformed its business with the implementation of high-tech automated systems—including a remote grid and outage management system.


Tata Power relied on a costly and time-consuming storage process that involved shipping tape drives full of customer data to an offsite location.

The company wanted to improve the efficiency of backup for two critical applications—revenue collection and maintenance—and reduce the OpEx associated with transporting up to 15 physical tapes a day.

It also needed to ensure customer data security met regulatory requirements, and find a way to access and restore its database at any time and from anywhere.


With Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service, Tata Power-DDL was able to back up critical revenue collection and maintenance data up to 3× more quickly, and restore the database up to 8× faster.

It was also able to cut OpEx—including that spent on tapes, couriers, and data center operators—by roughly US$10,000 with Oracle’s pay-as-you-go model.

Tata Power-DDL was able to shorten backup time by 3× and restore critical data 8× faster.

We adopted Oracle Database Backup Cloud Service because of its superior encryption and compression capabilities—features that vendors like Amazon, Nextra, and Rackspace could not offer. The solution also provided the unlimited scalability and high level of integration our business required.

Amit Taneja
Manager, Tata Power Delhi Distribution

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Sino Pacific Reduces Costs by 40%

Sino Pacific Trading is a confectionary trading company based in Thailand.

See how Oracle helped Sino Pacific reduce TCO by 40 percent and simplify compliance with Oracle Database Cloud.

We needed a highly scalable, reliable, and integrated cloud vendor to support our business compliance needs and selected Oracle. With Oracle Database Cloud, we can rapidly deliver new disaster recovery sites to meet compliance in a day. All maintenance operation is fully automated, and we can save overall TCO cost more than 40 percent.

Khun Phatompan
Head IT Manager, Sino Pacific Trading Co.

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Home & Shopping Co. Finds New Levels of Efficiency with Oracle

Home & Shopping Co. is an e-commerce company based in Korea with annual revenue of between US$1 to US$5 billion.

See how Oracle Database Cloud Service improved and simplified Home & Shopping Co.’s database performance.

By enabling rapid and easy migration to Oracle Database Cloud Service, we have improved database performance, simplified system management, and increased operating efficiency. This also allowed our IT staff to focus on strategic initiatives instead of mundane tasks.

Yoon Hee Yong
IT-Infra Team Manager, Home & Shopping Co.

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Dodream System Reduces Computing Resources by 4× with Oracle

Dodream System is a company based in Seoul, Korea, creating intelligence solutions for healthcare, business, and beyond.

See how Oracle Database Cloud helped Dodream System enhance database reliability and reduce required resources by 4×.

We selected Oracle Database Cloud Service over Microsoft because only Oracle provides the most cost-effective and optimized platform for our existing Oracle database users. We have reduced computing resources by 4× and enhanced the reliability of our critical Library Automation System(LAS) to support future growth.

Taeseok Lee
CEO, Dodream System

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