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Stronger Accounting and Financial Management Across a Complex Enterprise Group

Khaleefa Butti Bin Omair (KBBO) Group is a leading investment group with a diverse portfolio. Operating in the United Arab Emirates and across the Middle East since 2004, it is aiming to achieve global integration and transformation in line with Abu Dhabi’s 2030 Economic Vision.

A complex group of companies, KBBO wanted to increase the efficiency of managing operations across its varied companies. To do this, it aimed to replace stand-alone HR and payroll systems with a single, unified ERP solution.


KBBO wanted to eliminate manual finance, payroll, and procurement processes to further optimise efficiency and increase financial data visibility across all group operations.


With Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud, KBBO has been able to standardise financial, supply chain, and HR management processes across the group, increasing management control and laying the foundation for optimised governance.

The new solution has also helped the group improve application visibility, offering real-time insights across companies. Similarly, group operations are more efficient, with IT staff workloads being reduced by 30–40 percent.

20% cheaper than competitors’ solutions.

Oracle ERP Cloud was the best option for us—secure, easy to use, managed by experienced engineers, requiring zero hardware investment, and 20 percent cheaper than the competitors’ solutions.

—Samir Mayani,
IT director, Khaleefa Butti Bin Omair Group

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