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Intelligent, Automated Security

Reduce Risk.

Gain visibility and consistent security with Oracle Cloud Access Security Broker Cloud Service

As your cloud footprint expands, so does your risk profile. It gets harder to keep track of shadow IT and user behavior, identify potential threats, and apply consistent polices and security configurations for all users, applications, data, and networks.

With a cloud access security broker (CASB), you can increase visibility and ensure consistency across your hybrid-cloud environment. And Oracle CASB Cloud Service makes it even simpler—providing clear visibility of all SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS deployments from a single pane of glass, as well as security automation to predict and detect threats, and respond quickly to incidents.

  • See your entire cloud footprint from a single UI

  • Identify internal risks with advanced user-behavior analytics and shadow IT discovery

  • Tailor security configurations and get alerts when policies are changed or disabled

  • Get maximum value from existing solutions by extending their benefits to the cloud

Oracle CASB Cloud Service also includes integrated machine learning, artificial intelligence, and contextual awareness, helping it address the rise of security incidents targeting privileged and end-user credentials.