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Intelligent, Automated Security

Reduce Risk.

Safeguarding data has always been a critical priority for IT teams. But with increasing incidences of data breaches and growing number of data-privacy and security regulations such as the EU GDPR, data protection is at the top of every enterprise agenda.

To comply with the requirements of regulations such as GDPR, it’s essential to enforce comprehensive security controls wherever your data resides across complex hybrid environments.

Oracle is a leader in preventive and detective controls for databases, and helps customers safeguard their most valuable data with a comprehensive set of hybrid-cloud data-security solutions, providing a layered, in-depth approach to data protection.

As organizations transition to the cloud, they gain security by design and default with Oracle Database Cloud Service, automatically encrypting data in transit and at rest. And with Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud, the database automatically applies patches and security updates while running—eliminating downtime and human error, and providing increased protection against emerging threats.


of all data breaches exploited a vulnerable server where a patch was available at least a year prior to the breach.15

UBI Banca addresses GDPR
requirements with end-to-end security.

With Oracle Security Service, the bank now has a comprehensive approach to security across its on-premises and cloud deployments, increasing control without impacting the user experience.

“We have invested in Oracle Security Cloud Service to enhance our ability to detect and respond not only to potential threats but also data leakage, and to better meet our regulatory requirements.”

Fabio Gianotti, Chief Security Officer, UBI Banca