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Oracle Customer Success—Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Securities Strengthens My Number Data Security with Oracle


Oracle is the only vendor that provides a one-stop shop for security solutions, helping us to comply with regulatory requirements and protect sensitive data. We also gained a competitive edge by customer usability for registration My Number via mobile device and secure platform in short period.

— Hiroaki Terashima, Manager, Operation Management Division, Information Security Department, Rakuten Securities, Inc.

Rakuten Securities Enhances Data Security for Two Million Customer Accounts and Enhances Competitive Edge with Oracle

Rakuten Securities, Inc. is Japan’s largest online financial brokerage company, providing a comprehensive range of execution and clearing services for a wide range of assets, such as cash, equities, bonds, and derivatives.

The Japanese government introduced the My Number system—a national identification system with an individual’s social security and tax file number—to prevent data leak and protect sensitive personal information. To comply with the regulatory requirements, Rakuten Securities established data protection policies based on three aspects: people/organization, physical infrastructure, and technology. Its goal is to integrate access control for disparate security systems into a single platform and achieve defense-in-depth protection against unauthorized access.

Business Challenge
  • Strengthen data security for two million customer accounts and ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of My Number, Personal Information Protection Guidelines, and Cyber Security Management Guidelines
  • Enable defense-in-depth protection approach by segregating the duties of privileged users, including key technical personnel, and enhancing security control measures to prevent fraudulent internal access to My Number and customer data
  • Use a centralized security management platform to provide regular log capture/analysis and enable early detection of illegal access to not only My Number data but also other information in the database and files in the operating system
  • Ensure the new security system project is completed in six months and meet the deadline to launch Junior Nippon Individual Savings Account (Junior NISA) service
  • Met the timeline to launch the new services product by using Oracle Advanced Security to enable transparent data encryption for customer information, including mandatory My Number card number, without changes to applications
  • Protected My Number records and other personal information pertaining to customer accounts by separating duty control for security administration, account management, and database administration and blocking privilege users access to sensitive customer data with Oracle Database Vault
  • Achieved superior data security and met stringent regulatory requirements by using Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall to monitor and audit unauthorized access to My Number data, customer information, and the encryption keys, and provide customized reporting to enhance access control against hackers or insider attacks
  • Shortened project duration and enhanced competitive edge by seamlessly integrating Oracle Database’s security options with Oracle Database Appliance X5-2, enabling customers to easily and securely register My Number with mobile devices
  • Completed high security platform and minimized development lead time by applying Oracle Consulting’s knowledge and knowhow


Only Oracle could provide a one-stop shop for database security solutions, including access control and data encryption. It also met our requirements to enable defense-in-depth protection approach by allowing surveillance of not only data in the database but also the files in the operating system.

— Takamitsu Arano, Acting Manager, IT Division, CIF System Department, Rakuten Securities, Inc.


With assistance from Oracle Consulting, we spent just two months for system design and completed the project within six months. The compatibility between Oracle Database’s Security Options and Oracle Database Appliance X5-2 also allowed us to focus on implementing data security measures rather than designing the database throughout the subsequent database construction phase.

“Thanks to Oracle Database’s Security Options and Oracle Consulting’s expertise in IT system requirements for My Number, we have eliminated security feature development and shortened our project lead time,” said Shoumitra Barua, group manager, IT Division, Market Speed Development Department, Rakuten Securities, Inc.

About Rakuten Securities, Inc.


Tokyo, Japan



Annual Revenue

US$495 Million

Established in 1999, Rakuten Securities is now the largest online brokerage house in Japan with over 200 million customer accounts. Its mission is to provide investors with an optimum trading platform through continuous product innovation. Rakuten Securities also aims to further improve customer service by leveraging the network of Rakuten’s group companies, including Rakuten Market (common reward program) and Rakuten Bank (credit card transactions).

Published:  Apr 10, 2017