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Reduce Risk.

Today’s hybrid environments present many new attack vectors, and with the growing volume and sophistication of zero-day exploits, traditional network-centric security measures are no longer enough.

Some organizations are taking measures to improve IAM. 45 percent have implemented quarterly reviews of authorization levels and entitlements, while 66 percent are interested in using two-factor authentication to combat access anomalies.14 But these measures alone aren’t always enough to deliver IAM that truly secures the enterprise.

As traffic bypasses existing security tools, cloud-based identity management—combined with analytics and machine learning—is the best way to combat the risk of advanced attacks.

Of course, while eliminating unauthorized access, you need to ensure that authorized users get a frictionless experience. To do that, you need the capability to seamlessly manage user identities across a multitude of cloud and on-premises applications.

That’s why Oracle Identity Cloud Service enables you to maintain a single identity for each user across their on-premises and cloud services, giving them seamless, single-sign-on access while protecting your existing identity and access-management investments. With a range of automation and machine learning capabilities built in, Oracle Identity Cloud Service can help you combat emerging security threats—without compromising your users’ experience.

In this new threat landscape, identity is the key to securing users, applications, and networks. Yet many organizations struggle with Identity and Access Management (IAM):


Over 33 percent say mobile devices
and apps make IAM more difficult


have no central IAM strategy13

China Minsheng Bank simplifies identity management for over 40,000 users.

China Minsheng Bank provides consumer and business banking services both domestically and abroad.


China Minsheng Bank needed a new way to comply with strict commercial banking regulations while ensuring its business users could still seamlessly access critical systems.


Oracle Access Management Suite Plus offers a scalable identity and authentication-management platform.


China Minsheng Bank has standardized identity management and access-control administration for over 40,000 employees, eliminating redundant workload to create and manage individual user identities.