Lock Screen

The Lock Screen pattern is commonly used on the device to allow access to the home screen and applications. It also provides a secure method to access information and perform transactions within an application. The primary Screen Lock is a passcode or sometimes call PIN, but additional methods include swipe (not secure), pattern or password. This pattern describes how an user can add application-specific access with or without Internet connection and set the threshold for inactivity before you are prompted for it as an additionally security measure without Signing Out the application. There are the key elements for this pattern:


Appearance characteristics for this pattern.


Common behaviors for this pattern.

This is not for replacing the Device security on Lock Screen such as Touch ID, Swipe, Signature, Pattern, PIN, or Password. This is for adding extra security, that you can require a four-digit passcode to be entered anytime the Oracle Mobile app is launched. This way, you'll know your Mobile app is safe even if your smartphone or tablet falls into the wrong hands.


Usage guidelines for this pattern.


Passcode Phone

Fig 1. Passcode Phone


Passcode Tablet

Fig 2. Passcode Tablet