Biometric ID

The Biometric ID pattern is a security method to access information and perform transactions on a user's Mobile device. The primary Biometric ID is a fingerprint scan, but additional methods include face recognition, iris scanning, voice input and wearable body sensors. This pattern provides additional security, when used with the Lock Screen pattern without having to use the Sign In pattern. It enhances the experience of entering an application, without having to enter a passcode every time. Each Mobile OS has a different solutions, but all have similar approaches for fingerprint:


Appearance characteristics for this pattern.


Common behaviors for this pattern.


Usage guidelines for this pattern.



Fig 1. Custom



Fig 2. Settings


Android First Scan

Fig 3. Android First Scan


Android Repeat Scan

Fig 4. Android Repeat Scan


iOS First Scan

Fig 5. iOS First Scan


iOS Repeat Scan

Fig 6. iOS Repeat Scan