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Oracle Application Express has a strong and active community. The APEX Forum is one of the most active on OTN. Check out our Community page for Community How-Tos, Articles, and more. There is also a wealth of content in the Application Express Blogs.

Consulting Services

Numerous consulting companies specialize in Oracle Application Express within North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia Pacific. These companies can provide targeted help or build your entire application. Many of these companies also provided specialized, on-site education. View our catalog for more information.

Commercial Applications

Several companies have built commercial applications using Application Express to meet a variety of business needs. These applications demonstrate the breadth of applications that can be built. View our catalog for more information.

Public Websites

Many organizations use Application Express applications on the internet. These highlight the broad range of applicatons that can be written using Oracle APEX. View the catalog below for more information.

Hosting Companies

Try Oracle APEX on at no cost using only your browser. When you are ready to develop and deploy on the internet, you can select from the companies that provide Application Express hosting services. Alternatively, you can leverage the Amazon Cloud and Oracle AMIs if you are comfortable running your own instance.

Community Articles and How-Tos

Integrating Oracle E-Business Suite 11g and R12 with Oracle Application Express
by Rod West, Cabot Consulting posted February 24, 2010

Using ApEx (HTML-DB) with AJAX
by Steve Karam posted June 6, 2007
Integrating Yahoo Pipes into an Oracle Application Express (Oracle APEX) Application
by Patrick Wolf posted February 20, 2007


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