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Just getting started with Oracle APEX? Review the Getting Started page.

Launch the Learn More application that provides a high level overview of the major components within Application Express. Please note that this application is available within every Application Express instance.

If you would like to provide input on future enhancements launch the Feature Requests application, add new feature requests and vote on existing requests.

Once you are ready to dive in, follow the 'Obtain a Workspace' step outlined in Getting Started. You may also want to increase your knowledge by following some of the other steps provided.


Plug-Ins allow for the Application Express framework to be readily extended with custom item types, region types, application processes and Dynamic Actions. View the catalog of Plug-Ins produced by Oracle and link out to plug-in repositories contributed by the community. You can also learn how to build your own plug-ins using this OBE, Extending Your Application Using Plug-ins.

Packaged Applications

Packaged Applications are a suite of business productivity applications, easily installed with only a few clicks as they are built directly into Application Express. These solutions can be readily used as production applications to improve business processes and are fully supported by Oracle. Packaged Applications also include a collection of sample applications which demonstrate some of the major features of Oracle Application Express.
Sample Applications can be downloaded from Oracle Technology Network and installed into any Application Express installation, Release 4.1 or above.


Oracle University offers a number of courses on Application Express:

Numerous APEX Consulting Companies also provide training online, on-premise, or at their facilities.

Oracle Learning Library provides many Oracle by Examples (OBEs), Demos, Articles, etc for Application Express.

  • Oracle by Examples - OBEs provide prerequisite files and step-by-step instructions with screen shots that walk you through building various application components.


Once you are proficient at Oracle Application Express development you should take the Certified Expert exam. Oracle Certifications are among the most sought after badges of credibility for expertise in the Information Technology marketplace. You can differentiate yourself from your peers or competition and gain valuable job security by earning an Oracle certification.

Oracle Application Express Developer Certified Expert


Many organizations struggle with the proliferation of spreadsheets and desktop database applications, such as MS Access.  Departments often develop applications independent of their IT organization, without sufficient safe guards in respect to security, backup and recovery, and data integrity.  Many of these become mission critical yet the underlying technology is incapable of meeting corporate governance requirements.

Additionally, numerous organizations that developed applications in Oracle Forms are now looking to modernize their legacy applications.  Application Express is very adept at converting these applications into modern, Web 2.0 applications that are secure, scalable and reliable.

Spreadsheets  A complete Application Express application can be developed in minutes by simply cutting and pasting a spreadsheet into a wizard.  Instead of users distributing a spreadsheet, they can send a URL to a Application Express application. This prevents data loss, centralizes data storage, backups, etc. and ensures there is a single source of truth - no manual synchronization of data is necessary because everyone is viewing the most current version of the data in real-time. 

MS Access  The Oracle Application Express Migration Workshop assists customers in migrating Microsoft Access applications to Oracle Application Express. It works in harmony with the Oracle SQL Developer Migration Workbench to provide a total solution for your Access Migration requirements. You first use SQL Developer Migration Workbench to migrate your schema definition and data and then use the Oracle Application Express Migration Workshop to migrate your Access forms and reports. The last step is refining your new application taking advantage of all the power and capabilities of Oracle Application Express.

Oracle Forms  Oracle Application Express provides a forms conversion utility. This enables developers to export Oracle Forms based applications to XML using the standard Forms utility, then import the XML into Oracle Application Express.

Once loaded into a Forms conversion project, a subset of the functionality can be automatically generated as an Oracle Application Express application. For logic that is not automatically converted, Oracle Application Express enables developers to track the manual migration of client-side Forms logic.

See also: Oracle Database Migration Technology